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Located in Pingtung, a beautiful city in southern Taiwan, Kenting (sometimes Kending) is a popular, enchanting holiday destination popular among travelers.

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Why Kenting is special ?

Kenting (sometimes Kending) is a popular, enchanting holiday destination popular among travelers. Having a tropical climate, summer in Kenting is usually hot and mild in winter making Kenting a pleasant Taiwan holiday getaway all year round for the locals and foreign visitors.

Although Kenting National Park is located in Kenting, these two places should not be confused as the same destination. Kenting is the wider area that includes small townships as well as the national park. The main town is called Hengchun (恆春古城) which is a bit North of Kenting. Many hotels and hostels are located in this town. You will find an old Qing-era city gate and some remains of the old city wall here. The KenTing National Forest Recreation Area can be reached by bike or scooter from Hengchun.


What to explore at Kenting?

Kenting is the paradise of leisure and fun, as well as the home to tropical forests, meadows, and seaside cliffs. Besides visiting the Kenting National Park, Eluanbi Park, Nanwan (South Bay), Maobitou, Longluantan, or simply just chill by the beach makes Kenting a must visit destination in Taiwan. Discover Kenting, the wonderful Taiwan tourist destination that enthralls travelers of all ages.

This tropical region makes for an excellent escape from winter in the mountains, but the heat is always eased by a constant, refreshing sea breeze. Kenting is a great place to relax, but there's also plenty to keep you active; Water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, SCUBA diving on the coast, as well as forest trails and bird watching inland. As soon as the sun goes down, the bars, clubs and pubs liven up the nights.


How to get to Kenting?

HSR: the combination of high speed rail - bus is probably the easiest way to go to Kenting. The fast train reach the terminal station of Kaohsiung Zuoying in 90-120 minutes from Taipei and 40-60 minutes from Taichung. From Zuoying you can catch buses (from different companies) that leave every hour. It takes three hours to reach Kending. The bus service runs from 8:40 to 22.40 and costs 300-350 NTD one way.

Bus: the main train station of Kaohsiung is also connected to Kenting by regular bus services. There are buses every 30-60 minutes and the service runs 24 hours.

Taxi: it takes two hours from Kaohsiung. No less than 3000 NTD, maybe even 4000. You will have to bargain before the ride.


Selling points

  • An excellent escape from winter
  • A great place to relax
  • Warm tropical weather and white sandy beaches
  • The Tropical Land's End of Taiwan
  • A place full of discoveries
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Kenting, Taiwan

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Tips for you

  • You should book your hotel before you get there, especially if you're going to visit the area during a weekend or holiday.
    What need to do
  • There is no better way to travel around Kenting and explore the little beaches surrounding the southern tip of Taiwan than on a scooter. Renting a scooter is cheap and easy (around 10US$/day)
  • Baisha is the best beach to visit if you are in Kenting. It's free, long, clean and you can even camp on the sand at night or have a barbecue without worrying about being kicked out.
    Things to do
  • If you're a surfer, your visit to Kenting won't be complete without a trip to Jialeshui. You can rent surfboards at one of the little surf shops nearby the beach. There are also some camping spots available by the parking lot.
    Things to do
  • In Kenting town, there are quite a few bars and even a place or two where you can dance your way late into the night. Just walk along Kenting Rd after dusk and let your senses guide you.
  • For the best - and extremely cheap - seafood, head for Houbihu Fishing Harbor. There are so many places to eat in Kenting, just walk around and browse the menus on display by the main road.
  • If the weather is your main concern, do not worry - Kenting has good weather year-round.
  • Keep in mind that typhoons are frequent during the summer months and most beaches are closed on those occasions.
    What to know
  • Kenting Rd turns into a kind of nightmarket at night. You'll find cheap souvenirs, T-shirts, snorkeling gear, swimsuits and all the typical gadgets that are usually sold at beach resorts.

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