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Attraction Karon Beach Karon, Mueang Phuket District Phuket 83100 Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

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Karon Beach refers to a beach, and the town adjoining it, on the west coast of Phuket, Thailand. The beach is a popular destination for tourists.

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Why Karon Beach is special ?

Karon features the third longest beach on Phuket Island. Located on the west coast, between Patong to the north and Kata (with which it shares a common municipality) to the south, Karon Beach is the second favourite holiday destination in Phuket. Karon Beach is where you can enjoy a very wide stretch of superb white sand with a decent choice of dining and nightlife. Yet it never seems to draw crowds of tourists which might actually be a good thing. The beach is also known to make a fun squishy sound when walking on the sand. Karon Beach was heavily damaged by the tsunamis following the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, especially in its southern regions, but has since largely recovered and by 2008 showed little evidence of tsunami damage.

Source: http://www.phuket101.net/

What to explore at Karon Beach?

The beach itself has excellent snorkelling (and even diving) spots at its southern end and is wide enough for beachgoers to never feel crowded.

It features three main areas, each with their own assets: Karon Centre is a lively small city in which visitors can find a good choice of dining, shopping, and nightlife entertainment opportunities as well as a beautiful Buddhist temple hosting a weekly market. Karon Beach road is ideal for taking an evening stroll and is mostly occupied by large resorts interrupted by restaurants and shops (including the popular Karon Bazaar). The third main area of Karon is centred around Luang Poh Chuan Road, towards the southern end of the beach, which houses excellent restaurants and the ‘hottest’ nightlife spot of the resort town.

Source: http://www.phuket.com/

How to get to Karon Beach?

Probably the cheapest and most convenient way to get to Karon Beach is to rent a motorbike for yourself which is suitable for one or two people. Another option to get here is by tuk-tuk or taxi. Taxis are available and cost around 500-700 baht.

Karon Beach - Patong Beach will cost you around 200-250 baht per tuk-tuk ride. From Patong - Karon Beach should be cheaper as there are a lot more tuk-tuk trying to pick up passengers.

Source: http://www.gokaron.com/

Selling points

  • Wide, clean beach with close by facilities
  • White sand, warm water
  • Clean white sandy beach
  • One of the best beaches at Phuket
  • Nice relaxing-not overcrowded Beach
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Karon Beach Karon, Mueang Phuket District Phuket 83100 Thailand

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Tips for you

  • At the beginning of the beach road you'll find then Karon Night Bazaar, a temporary roofed market selling mostly tee-shirts and beach toys, including all the usual fake brands.
  • Remember to bring a beach towel and time when you hit the beach lest you get burnt by the sun.
    What to bring
  • Snorkling is good along the rocks- not the best but still good.
  • Do not get fooled by hawkers on the beach, and keep an eye on your belongings.
  • You should beware of the rip currents and only swim between the flags. This can be a very dangerous beach if your not careful.
  • Karon Beach Temple at the end on Soi Patak is nice and often has local fun fairs and markets.
    Things nearby
  • There are people who rent out umbrellas out for the day at a reasonable price.
    What to know


TripAdvisor View more

I have been to phuket 5 times staying in different places but this beach was fantastic. Long enough to do your morning walk. Water was like bath water and very clean although have to be careful when it is rough as you get thrown around by the waves and end up on the shore a bit battered and bruised and the under tow is very strong. Good for body surfing oh and yes leave your sunnies and cameras behind if you go in deeper

FourSquare View more

So beautiful and clean beach, soft and white sands but strong waves beacuse of raining, don't miss this beach

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