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Kanchanaburi lies on the River Kwae (Mae Nam Kwae, in Thai), better known to the West as the River Kwai. This city has become more popular for a single-track rail bridge.

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Why Kanchanaburi is special ?

Kanchanaburi lies on the River Kwae (Mae Nam Kwae, in Thai), better known to the West as the River Kwai. The city became famous for a single-track rail bridge, built under the Japanese occupation in WWII by Allied prisoners of war (POWs), linking Myanmar and Thailand. Due to the thousands of servicemen and women who lost their lives in this project, and in the notoriously inhumane Japanese internment camps, it became known popularly as the Death Railway. The town, and the dark times associated with it, came to fame following the hugely successful British film The Bridge on the River Kwai (which was shot in Sri Lanka). The original wooden bridge no longer exists, so today's visitors, pilgrims, and former POWs head to a similar, but now heavily commercialized, iron bridge that was built around the same time. Every year, in the last days of November, the city hosts several evenings of light and sound shows to commemorate the bombing of the bridge in 1944. Many former Allied prisoners, as well as local Thai tourists, fill the city and hotels generally book up fast

What to explore at Kanchanaburi?

1/ Crocodile show

Crocodile Wrestling show at Samutprakarn is a well-known in the world with the scare felling, amazing and lots of fun in every minute. They have many years of this show experiences
2/ Elephant show
Many intelligent elephants will make you all happiness and you will have unforgettable time
3/ Crocodile farm
The largest Crocodile ever held in captivity is an Estuarine / Siamese hybrid name “ Yai” which is a famous Samutprakarn Crocodile farm & zoo
4/ Zoo
Their zoo has around 300 acres with stunning natural view and very flexible transportation by their mini train for sighing seeing trip that help people to have good journey and tourist can touch the natural around 5/Souvenir shop The products are made from crocodile leather with plenty of design style. There are many size and design products which are made from crocodile material for children that are crocodile dolls

How to get to Kanchanaburi?

How to get to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok

From the Southern Bus Terminal ("Sai Dai"), buses leave every 30min for Kanchanaburi, the last one departing at 10.30pm. The journey takes a little under two hours.

Tickets for a standard air-con bus are 95 Th.Baht one way. This is by far the easiest way to get from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi!


The most interesting way is to take a train from Bangkok Noi railway station. Trains run regularly throughout the day. Travelling time (from 2-3 hours) and prices vary according to the seating class and type of train. Most travel agents in Bangkok can organise this for you.

As the railway link between Bangkok and Kanchanaburi is only a local line, this is a journey to be undertaken only by the VERY brave! From Thonburi station in Bangkok, only 3rd class trains run along this route and the journey takes a staggering FIVE HOURS!

Definition of 3rd class? - No windows, no fan, wooden seats, lots of chickens!

The fastest, but most expensive way to get to Kanchanaburi! From any where in Bangkok, taxi drivers will be able to get you here in about 90 mins for anywhere between 1,000-3,000 Th.Baht, all depending on your bargaining skills!

If you can find a Thai speaker to do the bargaining for you, it would be a lot better!

Selling points

  • Photographers Delight
  • Captivating 700 year old temple and city to explore
  • Ancient history lovers, don't miss.
  • Khmer ruins & Prehistoric Man
  • Tranquil and Beautiful
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Kanchanaburi Thailand

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Tips for you

  • Just a few restaurants accept cards so it's better to bring cash along you
  • It's advisable to learn little Thai language because it can be necessary in some emergencies.
  • If you want to explore some off the beaten path stops in this town, let's ask the local people or follow a tour.
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