Jurong Bird Park

Attraction 2 Jurong Hill, Jurong 628925, Singapore Published on: 13-11-2015

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Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird zoo in the Asia Pacific and the best in the world. Its collection of more than 9,000 birds from 600 species. The Park specialises in birds from South Asia.

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Why Jurong Bird Park is special ?

Jurong Bird Park is home to the world's largest walk-in lory flight aviary at 3,000 square metres and over 9 stories high. Featuring 10 colourful lory species, this exhibit is a favourite amongst guests who get to feed the gregarious lories a nectar mix while observing them up close. The Park has four aviaries, among which is the world’s largest walk-in aviary with the tallest man-made waterfall for visitors to enjoy a close-up view of free-flying birds from Africa and South American Birds, staged at the Pool Amphitheatre and Fuji Hawk.

Source: http://www.citytours.sg/jurongbirdpark.html

What to explore at Jurong Bird Park?

Bird Exhibits – Jurong Bird Park is filled with birds from all over the world. Exhibits are all custom desgined for each specie so that they feel right at home. Some of the birds you will come across include flamingos, penguins, macaws, pelicans, toucans and hornbills.

Shows – 3 shows are performed daily displaying the intelligence and talents of various birds:

King of the Skies – Falcons, owls, vultures and eagles demonstrate they’re hunting skills in this medievil show.

High Flyers Show – Watch free flying birds race, sing, and swoop through hoops before 100 birds flock onto the stage putting on an amazing color display.

Lunch with Parrots – Be entertained by talking parrots as they showcase their talents in this 30 minute show while you’re enjoying lunch

Waterfall Aviary – SWalk to the suspension bridge to get a perfect snapshot of birds flying around, with the waterfall in the background.

Birdz of Play –  Birdz of Play is a bird-themed water playground for kids where they can splash around under a giant tipping bucket, squirt others with water guns or slide down slippery dips.

Feeding Times – During feeding times, the staff will provide commentary so visitors can learn more about the various bird species.

Source: http://overseasattractions.com/asia/singapore/singapore-island/jurong-bird-park/

Selling points

  • A great place for bird lovers
  • Best Bird Park in the World
  • Bird paradise
  • Colour and interaction
  • Plenty of Birds
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2 Jurong Hill, Jurong 628925, Singapore

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Tips for you

  • Easiest way to get there is through the Singapore Attractions Express (SAEx®) Service which stops at various hotels.
  • Tourists don't share your food with the birds
    Things to do
  • Parents can rent strollers and wagons for their children
  • Wheelchairs are available free-of-charge for the disabled, the elderly or special needs guests
  • There are also refreshment kiosks located throughout the park.
  • Take the maps with you so you can plan which exhibit, feeding session, show, or other activity to go to next.
  • You should bring along sunglasses or visors to protect your eyes from the solar glare
    What to bring
  • You are suggested bringing an umbrella or raincoat.
    What to bring
  • To make sure you don’t get any unexpected bites, have some insect repellent handy
    What to bring
  • Dont forget to bring enough drinking water.
    What to bring
  • Make sure you wear comfortable footwear.
    What to wear


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A great place for the whole family. This bird park is home to flamingoes, parrots, pelicans, swans, owls, and dozens more. Highlights are African Waterfall Aviary and Lory Loft. Open 8:30am - 6pm.

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When visiting the park, most people will enjoy is the lory loft. Easily spotted with the bottle trees just outside. Get to feed them with just 3 SGD and they will all come to you ;)

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Ben & Jerry stand at main station has been repositioned at lory loft station. =)

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I had fun visiting Jurong Bird Park! :D

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Come try the "Early Bird Breakfast Show" is a new experience ! !

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My three-year-old son loves birds and so, we weren't going to miss this park for anything. We bought our tickets at the park itself, and the queue was long, but it moved fast. Once inside, my son especially enjoyed the Lory Loft, where one of the staff members who was very friendly with the birds helped my son to get a bird to sit on his hand. He was delighted!! We also went for the bird show, and it was an entertaining programme. There are lots of photo-ops at the park, and we loved that! The food options at the park were limited, but not bad.

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Birds of all kinds around you (and above you). The shows were excellent with clear commentary in English. We saw all of them through the day and can't imagine enjoying the Park unless you give yourself at least 6 hours. I discovered my new favourite bird - the shoebill. But it was exciting to see cassowaries after a recent trip we had to the Australian Daintree Rainforest where many cassowaries reside but didn't show their faces!

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This was my second trip to Singapore. I missed Jurong, when during my first trip. However, I travelled with my two daughters this time and therefore pre-booked my visit there. I must say its beautiful and their bird shows are really enthralling and exciting.

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A great place for the whole family. This bird park is home to flamingoes, parrots, pelicans, swans, owls, and dozens more. Highlights are African Waterfall Aviary and Lory Loft. Open 8:30am - 6pm

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This a great attraction for children. Plenty of up close up wildlife ,beautifully presented. And a lot of walk in and around. Many ,many varieties of birds , not just Asian or jungle based. The water park is excellent for kids, of all ages. Save it until after you have had a look around. The flamingos are a good feature. Not sure why the monorail is no longer in use. Make sure you catch at least one of the shows they put on,this is a good chance to sit children down and make sure they eat something. .And spend $3 on bird food for hand feeding, that’s an experience. The restaurant outside the park is good value, we found ice cream rather expensive inside the park itself. Good access for wheelchairs and disabled. Not expensive for a family. Take plenty of shade with you as it can be hot with no sea breezes. Don’t bother trying to take water with you in Singapore, it just heats up. Buy it everywhere.


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