Jungmun Beach

Attraction 3039, Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do Published on: 13-11-2015

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Jungmun Beach (중문해수욕장) has a sandy shore so fine that it is called Jinmosal. The white sand beach is 560m long and the water has an average depth of 1.2m.

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Why Jungmun Beach is special ?

Jungmun Beach is located on the southern coast of Jeju island and is by far the most popular surfing destination on the island. The beach stretches for approx. 500 meters under a sheer volcanic cliff that provides some wind protection from all directions except southerlies. The wave here is in the centre of the beach and is a mushy type beach break over sand covered volcanic-rock reef. The inside section can get more hollow over the sandbar on lower tides. On good days rollers connect through from outside.

Different shades of black, red, and grey are beautifully mixed into the white sand of the beach. This helps to accentuate Jeju-do Island’s black Hyeonmuam stones. To the right side of the beach is a natural sea cave called Haesikgul Cave. This area is often used for TV commercials, and the turbulent water is great for windsurfing and other water sports.

Source: http://www.surfingatlas.com/

What to explore at Jungmun Beach?

At the surf time of year, (June-Oct) you may also get a chance to see Jeju Island's fabled haenyo, or diving ladies, at work. These elderly women wear home-made diving suits, and use hand-crafted Styrofoam floats as they dive down to harvest shell-fish, octopus, seaweed, and other edibles from the seafloor.

The waves and wind here make Jungmun one of the best beaches on Jeju for windsurfing and parasailing

Jungmun is by far the beach with the roughest waves, as they can get very high and the undertow can be strong.

Along the beach, Saekdal village 색달 마을 offer the hire of tables, parasols and tubes for swimming.Surf lessons can be had at the beach. Parasols are also available to rent, which come with a lounge chair and a few extra chairs. When there are waves, tubes get very popular. People like to sit in the tube and go up and down with the shorebreak.

How to get to Jungmun Beach?

From Seoul to Jeju

1. From Gimpo Airport (Subway Line No. 5, Gimpo Airport Station) / Incheon Airport, take the airport limousine bus.

2. Inquiries: http://www.airport.or.kr/ (English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese) +82-1577-2600 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Local Transportation:

From Jeju to Jungmun Beach

1. From Jeju Airport (Exit #1), take bus No. 600 → Get off at Hyatt hotel in Jungmun Tourist Complex. (15 mins. interval / travel time: 50 mins.)→ Go down the hill about 200 meters. (5 mins. walk)

Another alternaive is to walk down the cliffs from the Hyatte Hotel 하얏트 호텔 or Lotte Hotel 롯데 호텔. Both these hotels have their Beach Lounges 비치 라운지 so have access to the beach.

Or you can head to the International Convention Center and go West from the round-about. Turn left at the end of the road and then parking will be visible at the end of the street. Turn towards the Ocean and follow the pathway down the hill to the beach.

Source: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/

Selling points

  • Don't miss it!
  • Blue color of beach water. Very good
  • Great fun lively summer beach
  • Far beyond my expectation!
  • Awesome view and lovely place to relax
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3039, Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

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Tips for you

  • There are toilets, showers and fitting rooms located at the end of the beach near the main carpark. The cost is 1,000 won.
  • There are restaurants and change rooms with showers which can be utilised for a fee. [Shower facility] Adults 1,000 won ($1) / Youths & Students 700 won ($0.63) / Children 500 won ($0.45) [Fitting room] Adults 1,000 won ($1) / Youths & Students 700 won ($0.63) / Children 500 won ($0.45) There are also hotel lounges along the beach.
  • The water at high tide can drop off very quickly, and you should always watch your children while swimming
  • On the last day of every year, the anual Jungmun Penguin Swimming contest 펭귄 수영 대회 is held at Jungmun beach 중문 해수욕장. Participants warmed up by exercising to music before running into the mid-winter water. Food was available under tents to help participants warm up.
  • From Jungmun Beach you can take a taxi to one of the largest temple in Asia – Yakcheon-sa Temple.
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There are shower rooms next to the beach, and small bath to wash feet

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“Decent beach.” This is no Caribbean beach so don't expect warm turquoise waters and endless stretches of fine white sand. Considering the area, however, it is a decent beach and worth checking out if you are in the area. It is located within the Jungmun Resort complex in Seogwipo, but there is no charge so anyone can visit. Here's what to expect: yellow/orange rough sand with lots of bits of shell; water that gets deep quite quickly; STRONG undertow on stormy days. The resort restricts people from swimming during certain months (wintertime, I think) because of the risk of undertow. I mention the last point because the beach is actually quite beautiful to watch on a windy day as the waves crash into the volcanic rock. Quite often on weekends, foreigners gather to play rounds of volleyball. There are spots to get food near the beach and in the resort, but be ready for sky-high prices

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