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Born in Tongxiao, Miaoli in 1938, Juming a.k.a. Chu Chuan Taiis an art master in Taiwan. Juming Museum is surrounded by lush forests, ample space and infinite view

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Why Juming Museum is special ?

Born in Tongxiao, Miaoli in 1938, Juming a.k.a. Chu Chuan Taiis an art master in Taiwan. Juming Museum is surrounded by lush forests, ample space and infinite view. Next to Jin Mountain (Jinshan), Juming Museum is the largest outdoor art museum in Taiwan. The spacious museum presents Juming's creative works from 1987 to 1999. Master Juming himself participated in locating, designing and constructing this museum. After being exhibited in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and Luxembourg, Juming's works have been shipped back to Taiwan and are presented in this outdoor museum. With 50 years of extensive experience from at home and abroad, art master Juming places his creations in Juming Museum, which is a place worth visiting for art lovers.

Painting exhibits include oil paintings, Chinese ink paintings, multimedia works, etc. Sculptures and pottery works are also exhibited in the galleries. Taiji Square is with 3 lawns, Taiji Square is bright in green, with more than 30 pieces of Taiji works exhibited on the lawns. This is actually why the square is named Taij.

Living Presented on the Living World Square, of course, are the Living World art works made mainly of bronze and stone.

Source: http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/

What to explore at Juming Museum?

The museum occupies a total of 11 hectares, and its outdoor exhibition space is divided into Taichi Plaza, Human World Square and Sport Square. Juming’s work in the museum can be ascribed to several series: the Nativist (鄉土) Series, Taichi (太極) Series, and Living World (人間) Series. Each series reflects the core values of the master’s attitude toward his life and his art. Those sculptures of his Taichi series displayed in the Taichi Plaza are regarded as the best and the most famous of his work. The building of the museum is like a pyramid, a work of art in itself, displaying his indoor pieces of woodcarving and pottery as well as works by his mentors.

Located in Jinshan District, the musuem is a short distance away from the attractions of the North Coast, and is a great way to spend a few hours inside air conditioning during a hot Taipei summer.

The museum is especially popular with children as it holds frequent events and D.I.Y. project seminars, hoping to share the wonder of art with the younger generation.

Source: http://www.rtaiwanr.com/

How to get to Juming Museum?

By Car: Leave the Freeway 3 at Wanli Exit and then turn left to Provincial Road 2 to Jinshan;or take the Yangjin Road 2 to Jinshan and then turn left to Provincial Road 2. At the 39.7km point you will see signs leading up to the museum.

By Bus : Take the Kuo-Kuang Bus、Royal Bus、Keelung Bus、Tansui Bus,Get off at Jinshan District Office and continue to the museum by taxi or catch the free museum shuttle next to the District Office.

By Museum Shuttle Van: Tue. ~ Fri.

Departure from Jinshan District Office: 10:30 & 14:00

Departure from the Juming Museum: 13:40 & 17:00

Weekends & National Holidays

Departure from Jinshan District Office: 10:30, 12:30 & 14:00

Departure from the Juming Museum: 13:40, 15:40 & 17:00

By North Coast Shuttle Bus:

Perhaps the easiest way to the museum is to take the North Coast Shuttle Bus, offered by the Taiwan Tourism Board from MRT Tamsui Station (淡水), Red Line 2. The fare is NT$100 for a one-day pass. The shuttle travels between MRT Tamsui Station and Keelung Railway Station, and leaves around every half hour on weekends and every hour on weekdays.

Source: http://www.juming.org.tw/

Selling points

  • Outstanding displays of huge sculptures in outdoor setting to delight the young and old!
  • A stunning museum of a greatest artist of Taiwan
  • One of the best sculpture parks anywhere in the world
  • The outdoor space is very nice. The sculpture technique is full of energy
  • For Art and Sculpture lovers this is a must see.
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Juming Museum

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Tips for you

  • The shop has lots of interesting books and gifts with a contemporary design - a good place to pick up gifts for artsy friends or relatives.
  • There are english explanations at each installation, so non mandarin speakers will not be left out.
  • You cannot bring food or beverages into the indoor exhibition areas. Cooking is prohibited throughout the museum area.
  • Photographing and videotaping with flash are not allowed. To record activities at the museum and to use the records for educational development purposes, we may take photographs or videos records when it’s necessary. If you do not want your portrait to be recorded and used, or have any concern about this, please let the museum attendants know.
  • Smoking is permitted only in a designated smoking area You should not bring food or beverages into the indoor exhibition areas. Cooking is prohibited throughout the museum area During your visit, you should not shout, run, or jump. Activities such as picnics, kite flying, roller skating, and games are not allowed. You should not touch any of the artwork or their bases except where signs expressly permit.
  • There is also a vending machine on the grounds which dispenses a box of coloured chalk and a brush head, for kids to get in one the act of creating their own artworks for all to see. Kids (or adults) are encouraged to do their chalk art along the pavement, or, using water and the bush head, on a specified wall
  • OPEN HOURS: May through October 10:00–18:00 November through April 10:00–17:00 Open Tuesday to sunday Also open on Monday that national hoildays
  • Admission: The disabled (Disability ID required):NT$125 ($3.8) Groups (15 or more) & Students (art major):NT$200 ($6.1) Children under 6 years old :Free Admission ends 1 hour before the closing time.
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Recommend to view the armed forces series, taichi series and the scientist series. Take ur time to appreciate the sculptures as the museum has many interesting exhibits.

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“THE #1 Art Museum: Juming Museum” Beautifully, tastefully done masterpiece museum; Mr. Juming has pulled out all the stops and his best works of art. We visited Juming museum as a family, and the whole museum is spectacular- from the mountainous location to the sculptures, down to the beautiful koi fish pond. Most art museums contain art pieces that can be utterly indecipherable, sometimes too abstract to understand, others with such dull pieces that hold no bits of artistic creativity. Mr. Juming manages to capture the essence of both understandable visual stories with touches of the abstract concept. That unique quality that he posses as an artist has had the ability for viewers to feel the power of emotions evoked from Juming's masterpieces. Take, for instance, his crown jewel: the Living World Series exhibition of "Armed Forces," which stands in the Juming Museum as a tribute to those who gave their lives to fight for Taiwan. His series revolves around creating lifelike people and show them in their lives and memorialize them within his works. Thus, "Armed Forces" contained an array of emotions, telling the story of the soldiers march off to battle, and return home in defeat. As you walk down the line of men, be sure to notice the expressions and emotions that one can feel just from looking- horror, exhaustion, angst, pain, relief, gratitude. There is, additionally, a free tour that we highly recommend for those who would like an in depth dissertation of the story behind each piece. If you have time for it, you should take it, because there is always more you can discover with the tour. In addition to Juming's living world exhibition, one can find his "Tai Chi" art pieces astounding. I did, in particular, marvel and gape at the amount of power felt with each work. TIPS: We chartered a Taxi for 500 NT an hour (that's $15. Amazing), and if you don't have a car, we recommend you charter one, too, for a non-rushed and convenient experience. We also visited Teresa Teng's grave/memorial (which was nicely done) in Jin Bao Shan, which was a five minute ride from Juming. Check it out if you have time. An overall beautiful museum.

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