Jiankou Great Wall (Arrow Nock)

Attraction 30km (19 miles) to Huairou County in Beijing, China Published on: 08-08-2016

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JianKou Great Wall is regarded as the most picturesque section of Great Wall and is a good example of “Wild Great Wall”.

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Why Jiankou Great Wall (Arrow Nock) is special ?

Jiankou Great Wall is regarded by some people as the most picturesque section of Great Wall and is a good example of "Wild Great Wall". It’s become a popular photographic hotspot and hiking destination in recent days. Jiankou is translated as "Arrow Nock" in English, since the shape of the mountains where the walll was built is like an arrow with the collpased ridge opening as its arrow nock. The main section of the wall was built along the ridges with steep cliffs on each side. Therefore, you have to prepare for a good fitness and great care if you climb this section.

Source: http://www.jiankougreatwall.com/

What to explore at Jiankou Great Wall (Arrow Nock)?

Jiankou Great Wall is an ideal place for adventurous and experienced hikers and photographers.

Wildness: "Sky Stairs" go practically straight up, and they are so narrow that it is barely impossible to obtain a foothold. Another must-see site is an enemy observation tower built on the highest section of Jiankou Great Wall. It was named "The Eagles Flies Facing Upward", because when an eagle flies there, it can only do so facing upwards before reaching the top of the tower.

Dimensions: The Great Wall at Jiankou stretches about 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) long. The wall was built with large pieces of dolomite, which make a striking scene at a distance.

Scenery: Tourists standing on the top of Jiankou Great Wall will always experience different scenes in all directions regardless of seasons.

Source: http://www.chinahighlights.com/

How to get to Jiankou Great Wall (Arrow Nock)?

By Bus:

Beijing Jiankou Great Wall

Jiankoua. Take Bus No.916 at Dongzhimen, get off at Huairou Fangshan (diagonally opposite Huairou First Hospital). There you can find buses to Arrow Nock. The buses run between 10:00 and 15:00.

b. Take Bus 936 (支) at Dongzhimen, get off at Yanxi Huandao in Huairou District. There are buses there to Arrow Nock. The buses run between 10:00 and 15:00.

By Car:

a. Dongzhimen Gate – Jingshun Lu – Huairou Kaifang Roundabout – turn left at Yanxi Fangezhuang Roundabout –Shentangyu Village – Lianhuachi Village – Arrow Nock

b. Sanyuanqiao Bridge – Jingshun Expressway – Kuliushun Roundabout – Huairou Kaifang Roundabout – turn left at Yanxi Fangezhuang Roundabout – Shentangyu Village – Lianhuachi Village – Arrow Nock

Source: http://www.travelchinaguide.com/

Selling points

  • “Blue skies, great walk ”
  • “Real wonder”
  • “Unforgettable Experience”
  • “A hike never to forget.”
  • “Great tour, great hike!”
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30km (19 miles) to Huairou County in Beijing, China

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Tips for you

  • You should bring breathable waterproofs for protection from rain and wind.
    What to bring
  • Bring a camera and money for souvenirs and refreshments.
    What to bring
  • Bring snacks and water if you want to walk a long portion of the wall.
    What to bring
  • Choose comfortable footwear with good grip and support for the feet.
    What to wear
  • Wear/bring sun protection in the summer and dress for sub zero temperatures in the winter.
    What to wear
  • The Great Wall at Jiankou is a dangerous section to climb, due to its disrepair and desolate location bordering steep cliffs
  • Hikers should climb with companions, and should avoid climbing under bad weather conditions, such as rain and thunderstorms.
  • Make sure to look online for detailed directions so you don't get lost.
  • If you get lost don't worry, just keep walking uphill. The wall is all around you
  • You should wear cloths that layers of clothes can be taken on and off allow for greater comfort and temperature control.
  • It can feel much colder on the wall than down in the valleys because of altitude and exposure.
  • Umbrellas may be used here as the ascents and descents are not difficult, but may be inconvenient in strong winds.
  • there is not any cable car or climbing aid facilities at Jiankou Great Wall.


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Because this section of the wall has never been restored and closed off to public, the rugged beauty of the wall and the surrounding mountains is breathtaking.

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wasn't sure what to expect after only seeing photos in magazine. But when you get there it is more than I expected would love to go again felt like I needed a couple of days therebut I got the feel of it on our short visit.

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I had a great experience hiking from Jiankou to Mutianyu. It was just the right time for us - early March - which meant cool but not cold weather and few tourists. We took a self-guided tour from Ricky at Wild Great Wall. Our driver spoke enough English to be able to communicate, was very friendly and punctual. There is a car ride from Beijing on the highway followed by about maybe 45 minutes or so of switchbacks, I think it took about two hours to get there. I was glad to have a guide here because there are signs on the way in prohibiting entry. We were allowed through a gate without issue though.The Wall itself isn't maintained in the Jiankou section and there are a few short but very challenging sections. First, we all hiked up a rather steep hill of switchbacks for about 45 minutes at a moderate pace, and I was able to do it in sneakers without problems. At this point, our guide directed us onto the wall itself and pointed us in the right directions. We then set off on our own/ For a hiker, I'd say it's a moderate hike. Others may find it more strenuous. There is plenty of opportunity for great photos and it's condition, compared to Mutianyu, felt a bit more authentic because of the age it shows.

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It's OK for an hour or so, but remember before going that the 'size' is the length. It's only about 25 feet high and in many places about 10 feet wide. You must walk! No shuttle - no moving sidewalk - no escalators. You must walk. Be ready to walk!

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We walked the wall with Joe Zhang , a private guide. We were collected from our hotel and driven for 2 hours a relatively remote section of the wall. We walked up the mountain for an hour before joining an un renovated section of the wall at Jiankou. We saw very few other people for the first hour then joined the renovated section which was busier but by no means crowded. We walked to Mutianyu where it was pretty busy for the last 10 mins where people come onto the wall by cable car, walk a short section take pictures and return.We descended on the toboggan luge which was great fun.Having Jo as a guide was perfect . We really got to experience the wall in a non touristy way. We could not have done it without him as the trek up to Jiankou was accessed through small roads and a 'local

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