Jhushan (Alishan)

Attraction 祝山 Xinyi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan Published on: 16-03-2016

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Jhushan, which is perfect spot for watching the sunrise. This place attracts nearly 400 visitors on the first day of its reopening.

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Why Jhushan (Alishan) is special ?

Jhushan (祝山), a train from Alishan station, is the top attraction in Alishan, everybody crowds aboard the predawn trains for the half-hour trip to this peak on the east side of Alishan, where you can see the sun rise over Yushan. Alishan Jhushan Sun-Watching Platform was built after the famous Jhushan Sun-Watching Building got destroyed in the 921 Earthquake and then torn down, with an elevation of 2500 meters high above sea level. On Jhushan Sun-Watching Platform you can not only see the famous Alishan sunrise and cloud sea; if you come at night, you can also see a touching night scene around the corner in front of the platform. Events like New Year Concerts are held on the platform sometimes, so it's becoming an important activity landscape in Alishan.

Source: http://www.tbocc.gov.tw/

What to explore at Jhushan (Alishan)?

You'll want to take the old Alishan train from Ali-shan station to the top of Jhushan, where you and dozens of others will be crowding around to get a glimpse of the phenomenon. It might be worth it to wander around or hike up a bit, away from the train station, to find some more personal space.

On the Sun-Watching Platform Square, there are an electronic clock showing the sunrise time and a very detailed sunrise diagram. All stations along the Forest Railway are inlaid and shown on the floor. At the center of the new Sun-Watching Platform, there is a round granite table with solar sculptures showing the 24-season festivals of the lunar year and the direction signs. The graph is installed with a light-conducting cable to radiate colorful rosy lights under sunrise. It is really beautiful.

Source: http://www.taiwanese-secrets.com/

How to get to Jhushan (Alishan)?


1.Jhongshan Highway : Exit at Chiayi -> 159 country highway to go to chiayi -> go on Tai 18 province highway (Shihsian Rd, Wufong South Rd.),and then go on Alishan Highway go up to the mountains -> Pass Chukou,Longmei,Longtou,Shihjhuo and keep going,and then you will arrive there.

2.The South 2nd Highway : Exit at Jhongshan -> Towards Chukou,connecting with Alishan to go up to the mountains -> Pass Chukou,Longmei,Longtou,Shihjhuo and keep going, and then you will arrive there.

Mass Transportation

1.Take the Chiayi Country Bus at Chiayi Train Station,Alishan Line and get off at the last stop.

2.Take Guoguang Bus at Chiayi Train to Alishan.

3.Take the small train of the Alishan Forest and get off at Jhaopioing Station.

Source: http://www.tbocc.gov.tw/

Selling points

  • Sunrise from Taiwan highest peak
  • Sea of clouds and sunrise
  • The top attraction in Alishan
  • Place to see the sun rise over Yushan
  • The sun is very bright when rising up
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祝山 Xinyi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

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Tips for you

  • You should refer to official announcements of the Alishan Forest Recreation Park for information on ticket price and open hour details.
    What need to do
  • Mass trasportation here doesn't run often. It is recommended to look up their schedules first before you start off.
  • If you're willing to get up early enough, you could also make the hike up the Jhushan Sunrise Trail.
    Things to do
  • It's worth it to hike an extra 15-20 minutes past the helicopter pad to the very top, where the crowds are a little thinner.
    Things to do
  • On the way back, skip the train and walk back instead, it's a pleasant 3-4 km downhill hike.
    Things to do
  • Hawkers sell disposable $10 eclipse-style filtered glasses, but it's better to not stare at all.
  • If you want to satrt off for the Sun-Watching Platform when it is still dark to catch sunrise,to be safer, it is to recommended bring flashlights while walking,even though street lamps are on.
  • For those who travels by your own car, since you get off at the highway, there will be signs of the forest recreation park along the way to the main entrance of the Forest Recration Park. The distance is 75 kilometers.
    What to know


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The day before to buy the train tickets at the hotel, we went to the place at 3:00 in the morning. Because you act as soon as possible before about 40 minutes of sunrise I was able to stand in the observatory of the handrail, one column of the front exits the Horiyama Station. You can buy a cup of drink while waiting for the sunrise. Perfect place to enjoy the dawn and the sea of ​​clouds and atmosphere.

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