Jeju Glass Museum

Attraction 4303 Sangye-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do 697-301, South Korea Published on: 13-11-2015

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‘Jeju Glass Castle’ will be entranced by its magical atmosphere. It is a glass art theme park featuring an exhibition hall, garden and models all made entirely out of glass.

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Why Jeju Glass Museum is special ?

Visitors to ‘Jeju Glass Castle’ will be entranced by its magical atmosphere. ‘Jeju Glass Castle’ is a glass art theme park featuring an exhibition hall, garden and models all made entirely out of glass. There are six themed model parks, in which over two hundred and fifty models are exhibited. These include the world’s very first all-glass labyrinth, the world’s largest glass ball and largest glass diamond, a glass stonewall, a mirror lake, and a glass bridge. There are also glass art masterpieces by internationally famous artists from Italy, the Czech Republic, Japan, and more. Visitors to ‘Jeju Glass Castle’ can even experience making glass artwork. In the main hall of the Glass Castle they can try making glass ornaments, glass balloons, and glass bottles.

What to explore at Jeju Glass Museum?

The Jeju Glass Museum is the only glass museum in Korea designed and made by the glass artists not just as an attraction but also as a place where people can buy glass artifacts. There are thousands of glass works like glass pyramids and glass lights and they are illuminated at night. It also has the biggest glass tower in the world.

So many couples and families come to look around. You can make glass products for 20,000 won. ($18.1)

This is located in Sangyae province and there are many other attractions near this museum.

With an expansive area totaling 3,500py and broad grass field for displaying the artwork, it is a perfect place to study and learn. The museum also offers some programs for visitors to learn more about and gain a greater appreciation for glass art.

How to get to Jeju Glass Museum?

Drive along Pyeonghwa-ro 1135road(western sightseeing road) from Jeju City, turn left at Sangchang junction (checkpoint for overload) toward Seogwipo 1136road, go along the road for 1.5 km, and you can get to the museum located by the big road on your right.

From Jeju International Airport, take Airport Bus 700.

Get off at Changcheon-ri bus stop.

Take a taxi to Jeju Glass Museum.


Selling points

  • The difference between day visit and night visit
  • Pretty glasses, a must visit in jeju
  • To understand the art of glass making
  • Nice park and museum with creative ideas
  • Marvellous Glass Art
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4303 Sangye-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do 697-301, South Korea

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Tips for you

  • Winter season (Nov-Apr) 09:00~21:00 Summer season (May-Oct) 09:00~22:00 Last admission: 1 hour before closing.
  • Adults (ages 19+): Group: 7000 won ($ 6.33) Youths (ages 13-18): Group: 6000 won ($ 5.42) Children (ages 6-12): Group: 5000 won ($ 4.52) Group: 20 or more people Infants (age 3 & below) may enter free of charge.
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  • There is parking available for fee


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“Glass Galore” Be careful what you do. Just kidding, fret not for breaking anything. The biggest chance of you breaking anything here would be in the souvenir shop. A beautiful museum to go to, to see everything created out of glass pieces. How a simple, yet breakable piece of glass can turn into an artpiece which seems as strong as the pillars of a temple. I like the glass tulips best, a great number of them around this museum. It really shows Korea being a Tulip country, as I get to see these lovely, brightly coloured flowers everywhere. There's a little cafe in there which I thought was a very beautiful cafe, made out of glass. The table you use, the chairs you sit are all made out of glass, added with colour. Surprisingly, the thing you should be checking out is the stand alone toilets, one for female, the other for male. Yes, it's made of glass and from the inside, you can actually see through to the outside! Don't worry, your privacy is intact while answering nature's call, because it's tainted black from the outside and people cannot actually see anything inside! So don't be surprised to see people taking a look at their reflections and doing funny poses while you are doing your business in the toilet. Have a good laugh instead! Visited April 2012

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