Jeju Folklore & Natural Museum

Attraction 996-1 Ildo2-dong, Jeju, Jeju-do 690-834, South Korea Published on: 13-11-2015

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Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum currently has on exhibition folklore remains and natural historical materials of Jeju-do that were excavated in Jeju-do and displayed in 1984.

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Why Jeju Folklore & Natural Museum is special ?

Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum currently has on exhibition folklore remains and natural historical materials of Jeju-do that were excavated in Jeju-do and displayed in 1984. The museum is divided into 4 exhibition halls: the Natural History Hall, the Folklore Exhibition HallⅠ, the Folklore Exhibition HallⅡ, and the Outdoor Exhibition. The Natural History Exhibition Hall displays mainly natural historical items such as marine life, soil and rocks, and fauna and flora of Jeju in a three-dimensional way. It gives visitors a better understanding of Jeju’s unique nature and culture. It is divided into an Ecology Hall of Marine Life, a Soil and Rock Exhibition Hall, and a Land Ecosystem Hall.


What to explore at Jeju Folklore & Natural Museum?

In Folklore Exhibition Hall I, you will see a transformation in the lifestyle of Jeju-do Island as well as Jeju people, when you look at 2,381 displayed items. It also plays a very important role to visitors in helping them to understand the ancient lifestyle on Jeju Island by recapturing Jeju’s traditional housing architecture, rites of passage, and regional food specialties.

The Folklore Exhibition HallⅡ exhibits diving gear used by Haenye (women divers) and farming tools used by farmers in Jeju-do. In addition, 100 items including traditional tools for daily living, ritual materials, and diverse stone structures made by volcanic rock of Jeju-do are showcased in this outdoor exhibition.

In the folk performance hall, traditional cultural performances such as folk songs, haenyeo dances, and mask dances are held twice a day. In addition, certified craftmen demonstrate their time-honored techniques. Through video and audio materials, Jeju's cultural assets such as legends, provincial dialect and folk songs can be enjoyed

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How to get to Jeju Folklore & Natural Museum?

Take a bus No. 500 or 100 at Jeju Airport Station and take off at Jeju's KAL Hotel nearby the Main Street → Go east 450 meters (5-minute walk)

You can get from the downtown to the museum in 10 minutes by taxi.

50-minute by bus from Jeju Bus Terminal via the East Industrial Road, or 40-minute by bus from Seogwipo Bus Terminal via the East Round Road.

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Selling points

  • Provides a good background to the island
  • Nice place to see the history of korea
  • Good quick intro to the island
  • A peek to the history & many more
  • Learning history in a fun way....
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996-1 Ildo2-dong, Jeju, Jeju-do 690-834, South Korea

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Tips for you

  • March - October: 08:30 -18:30 November - February: 08:30 - 17:30 Last admission is 30 min before closing It closes on New Year’s Day, Seollal, Opening Anniversary (May 24), Chuseok
  • Adults (over 19) : Group 800 won ($ 0.72) Youths (13 - 18) : Group 300 won ($ 0.27) Group : 10 people or more
    Ticket and Pricing
  • At the local market place, there are various traditional foods which you can try at reasonable prices.
  • It has baby stroller rentals available for free
  • For group visit, you have to make a reservation. Visit during weekdays can be extended until 20:00 if reservation is made before 17:00.


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“Life of Sea Woman” Sea Woman is an old career in Jeju. Young girls start the job at their 12th and it lasts for their whole life. Dipping under the ocean to find fish, shells, abalones and anything that can feed their families, all they wear is thin clothes and no oxygen cylinder. They work nonstop all year round. The career is now dying as no young girls these days would sacrifice their beautiful youth in brutal sunlight and corrosive salt water. The museum has a collection of Sea Woman's tools and wax works. The display made us so sorry for these women. The locals see it as a precious heirloom of their culture. During our trip in Jeju, we actually saw some Sea Women working in the ocean. Of course, with oxygen cylinder and diving suit. The youngest living sea woman is now 50-some years old while the oldest is 90-some, who are claimed to be able to dip just as a young soul. Other interesting display showcases daily life, religious rituals, local houses, farming, fishing, hunting and lots of aspects of Jeju Island. Would have spent more time there....

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