James Bond Island

Remote Phang Nga Bay, Phuket, Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

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James Bond Island is a famous landmark in Phang Nga Bay. It first found its way onto the international tourist map through its starring role in the James Bond movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun'.

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Why James Bond Island is special ?

James Bond Island is a famous landmark in Phang Nga Bay. It first found its way onto the international tourist map through its starring role in the James Bond movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun'. A distinctive feature of this famous bay is the number of sheer limestone cliffs that vertically jut out of the emerald-green water.

What to explore at James Bond Island?

Phang Nga Bay covers an area of 400sqkm and is home to some 100 islands, many of which could feature in The Guinness Book of Records either for their beauty or for their freakish shapes. James Bond Island, with its signature rocky pinnacle, has been a major attraction ever since it featured in the 1974 Bond movie. Luckily it is under national park protection and as a result no boats of any kind are allowed to go too close to the island because of its precarious position – big on the upper part and relatively slim at the bottom. The two best ways to view James Bond Island are from boats or from the small beach on Koh Ping Ghan.

Koh Ping Ghan is another sample of how the Mother Nature works her magic. Basically it’s a very high leaning rock that has some small caves inside. It’s pretty amazing and fun to check them all out. On its crowded eastern beach, there are stalls and stands selling knickknack souvenirs, mostly made from shells and woods.

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  • Over all amazing
  • Breathtaking island
  • A must see when in Phuket
  • Beautiful location in Phang Nga Bay
  • Best part of Phuket
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Phang Nga Bay, Phuket, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • This area is a popular destination for sailing as well as kayaking. Most of the organized tours to James Bond Island are combined with a visit to other popular islands and usually include a stop for a seafood lunch at the charming Koh Panyee – a nearby Muslim fishing village on stilts. Even though tour companies usually hand out plastic bags to protect your camera it really is best to bring along a snap-shut waterproof camera bag.
  • Bring your cameras, sunscreen and hat
    What to bring
  • Very crowed in peak season
  • Using ear plug if you take Long tail boat because of very noisy
  • Must go before noon or try to get there early in the morning, perhaps there are less people then
  • The place just the rock, you can't swimm there, no beach
  • If you want to have more freedom, you can rent a long-tail boat from Surakul Pier in Phang Nga for less than 2,000 baht for a good three to four hours. The boat can carry up to ten people.
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Great place to visit, be prepared for a ton of tourists and a lot of stalls selling you the same stuff you get anywhere.... but in Thailand! :)

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Visited the called James Bond Island (where the The Man with the Golden Gun movie was filmed). This was a family visit as part of a boat tour. It was nice, but unfortunately there is few to bring from this experience. Nevertheless, as you like, the PRO's and CON's my remarks and conclusion:PROS:- For fans of James Bond / Spy movies a truly legendary place;- Several points for a good picture, usually able to take photos without the interference of other tourists and boats (including the beach);- Plenty of shops and bar for refreshment;- found a spot of Free WiFi there!;CONS:- Packed with tourists.. (mostly Chinese - check attachment photos);- The access is not suited for an overpopulated site - no emergency alternative no railings etc; no wheelchair access (except from the front beach);- Sucks when raining;- Tide dependent;- Only reachable by boat either private or tour.I enjoyed, but after three photos I thought it was done, despite being a small cine-maniac. Worthwhile to visit... but some coordination / management would prevent some cannibalism from tour companies and a better experience of the place.

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James Bond Island as the name suggest is Beautiful Scenic. The journey to James Bond island is by a day Cruise. And its lovely , we enjoyed the river rafting in the middle of the sea.It was awesome experience.

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It was a wonderful trip... and the experience was amazing... we did the trip through a local tour agency on the patong street... it was a group trip I guess of 40 people... and the ship name was sea lion... the crew wore amazing... lovely people...

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