Jade Water Village

Attraction Yushuizhai Tourism Resort, Baisha Country, Yulong County 674101, China Published on: 22-09-2016

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The Jade Water Village (Yu Shui Zhai) is a state 4A-level scenic spot at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain or 14 km from Lijiang Old Town.

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Yushuizhai Tourism Resort, Baisha Country, Yulong County 674101, China

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Tips for you

  • The environmental message is very strong and there is a "Confession Plaque" for all environmental sins.
  • The village is near Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
  • Other sights include ethnic customs, salmon raising, Dongba religious frescos, "Bai Sha Xi Yue” Music show, lifestyle display of the Naxi Minority.
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Close to Lijiang, and also known as Jade Water Village, this is a network of winding trails surrounding a series of beautiful pools cascading down the mountain. As you enter the park, you are greeted by elderly Naxi women singing in traditional dress. There are several religious sites at the upper reaches including the Shiluo Temple and a sacred spring. There is also a theater for Naxi music performances and some workshops. Bright Dongba murals expounding a harmonious relationship with nature are also found here. Trails are well marked and photo opportunities abound.

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Get your driver to drop you at the top and walk down stream. Absolutely doable, only takes 10 minutes with my 4 years old

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