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Shopping D Mall phase 4, Malay, Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Art & Handmade
Local souvenir
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Island Girl is a brand of resort footwear and fashion accessories that focuses on promoting and highlighting the beauty of natural materials sourced exclusively from the Philippines.

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Why Island Girl is special ?

Inspired by nature and responding to the global demands for eco-friendly products, Island Girl poises itself to be international resort footwear and fashion accessories brand. Island Girl products are 80% derived from natural materials that are organic and expertly hand-worked by rural communities that have inherited their skills from past generations.

The commitment of Island Girl to create “green fashion” footwear and fashion accessories stems from the belief that "Natural is Beautiful". The Philippines, an archipelago in the Pacific made up of 7,107 islands, is the home of Island Girl. It’s rich natural materials and talented artisans provide the raw ingredients for our products. Our natural ingredients are carefully hand-picked from the earth’s bounty, from the mountains to the seas, providing sustainable livelihood for our marginalized Filipino communities.

All products are guaranteed to be environmentally safe and sound and do not interfere with the natural life cycle of our plants and wild-life.

What to explore at Island Girl?

At Island Girl, we are proud to say that our footwear and accessories are 100% made BY Filipinos with indigenous materials found in the country. By creating our own line using special elements such as wood, shells, coconuts, bamboo, plant fibers, hand-made resin, seeds, and Philippine leather, our products effectively exude the genuine warmth that our country and people are known for. They are not only must-haves on the beach, they're also great gifts to bring back home from the Island too!

Founded on the shores of our beautiful Boracay beach, the Island Girl shop located in Phase IV of D'mall, has also sold to several well-known brands around the world.

Selling points

  • Hand made stuff
  • A cute shopping store
  • A nice place for shopping
  • Lots of items, lots of fun!
  • Environmental friendly accessories!
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D Mall phase 4, Malay, Philippines

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Tips for you

  • Because the products are made from some natural ingredients, it’s better for you to ask the owner the way to keep them in good condition.
  • This brand name has many other stores in Cebu, Manila and Bohol. Ask the local the way to find this store
  • Bargaining is not allowed but you can ask for a small discount.

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