Hupao Spring

Attraction Hupao Road, Hangzhou 310008, China Published on: 19-08-2016

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Running Tiger Spring (Hupao Spring) is ranked the third in China, according to scientific research on the quality of the water of the spring, followed by Leng Spring in Zhejiang and Hui Spring in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

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Why Hupao Spring is special ?

The Hupao Spring is widely known as the third best spring in China due to its water quality, which has been tested scientifically. The other two best springs are Jinshan Spring in Zhenjiang and Hui Spring in Wuxi. But for those traveling in Hangzhou, the Hupao Spring is definitely a must-see waterscape.

Also known as the Running Tiger Spring, the Hupao Spring is attractive in both its natural beauty as well as the unique quality of its waters. Due to both of these reasons, famous Chinese poets in ancient and modern times have written poems praising the spring


What to explore at Hupao Spring?

Visitors at the Hupao Spring can find plenty to do at the spring. Although it may seem like a very simple scenic area, the spring offers plenty of activities, all of which can relax and soothe the nerves. Many people, even locals, go there just to enjoy the scenery, listen to the quaint sound of the spring, taste the spring water, touch the spring, and just linger by the spring.

There you will also see a unique fountain. The fountain is best known for making excellent Longjing tea, so just as it is a must to see the Hupao Spring, it is also a must to taste tea made of water from the spring’s fountain. Together, the spring and tea made from it are sometimes dubbed as ‘two wonders’ in the West Lake scenic area.

Aside from the spring itself, there is also a temple in the nearby area. The temple is also worth a visit as it is also of high historical value since it was erected way back during the Tang Dynasty. It also has an interesting legend; it is believed that a monk named Xingkong used to live in the temple and that when he was planning to leave the temple due to the lack of water in the area, he dreamed that an immortal being told him that a fountain would be moved there by two mighty tigers. The monk was then surprised to see two tigers indeed come the next day; the tigers then dug a hole in the spot where the spring is now located. The legend says that the water of the spring immediately came rushing out as soon as the two tigers opened up a hole. This is where the spring got its name ‘Running Tiger Spring’.

According to scientific research, however, the spring was formed as a result of a stream of underground water that seeps through the cracks of a quartz sandstone. This is what gives the water of the spring its unique composition. Although the water has very low mineral content, it has a high level of radon, a radioactive element, and this is what makes it taste pure, sweet, and cold. Visitors are encouraged to taste the water for good health.

The spring water also has another mysterious characteristic, something that guests can even test themselves. It is known that the spring water can rise up to three millimeters above the edge of a bowl without overflowing. In fact, even when a coin is dropped into the bowl, the water does not spill over. According to science, this unique phenomenon is caused by the high surface tension of the water of Hupao Spring.


How to get to Hupao Spring?

Take bus no. K4 or K504, or take tourism bus no. 5 to get to the site.

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  • “Interesting Place”
  • “Relaxing atmosphere”
  • “Beautiful historical site”
  • “Nice easy walk, scenic and informative”
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Hupao Road, Hangzhou 310008, China

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Tips for you

  • Would recommend visiting early when there are less people so you can get some stunning photos of the place!
  • The Hupao Spring is located at the foot of Daci Hill (Great Compassion). It is about five kilometers away from downtown Hangzhou. The hill stretches between Qiantang River and the West Lake.
  • It is a half hour walk from its main entrance by the road to the hillside Hupao Spring and other attractions.
  • It is advisable to combine Liuhe Pagoda and Hupao Spring into a half day Hangzhou trip since the two attractions are on the same travel route in Hangzhou.
  • If you have a taste for Hangzhou Zoo or if you travel with your kids, Hangzhou Zoo will be on your travel agenda, which is just next to Hupao Spring. Liuhe Pagoda, Hupao Spring and Hangzhou Zoo are very often put together for one day Hangzhou tour.
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try a taste of the water used by the king in the old day. Just another park like many other parks in Hangzhou. It has a natural water spring (not hot spring), and is named as the 3rd best natural water spring in the world (in China, they meant). Get in, walk up the path, bring with you an empty bottle and get some water from the spring (there's a pipe where the water is coming out from). Local people drink it directly. I did not, but did taste it. The taste was great. There's a small fee to get in.

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The place is easy to access and green all over. The water from spring is really clean and taste great. Yes i Tried water.. It is considered one of the best and cleanest water spring in china. Dont for get to check out the Sitting Buddha

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This was a pretty spot to view. We weren't able to drink from the spring, but the area was just beautiful and worth seeing.

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Hupao Spring was the last stop on my trip to Hangzhou, and both my travelling companion and I were more than a little tired (she had a mild case of food poisoning, even) by the time we got off the bus at the entrance to the park. (There are several bus lines that go right to the park; following almost any of the busses that circle the West Lake will get you there.) Although the day started muggy, the air cooled as we made our way up through the lush green woods. Hupao Spring is one of those parks in China where a lot of what were originally beautiful stone paths have been replaced with flat concrete steps that are much easier and safer to climb; a mixed blessing, but the park does have segments of the original stone if you climb higher. There is water all over the park -- makes sense, as it is a spring, after all -- as well as lovely Tingzi to sit and contemplate life, nature, and poetry where scholar-philosophers did in the past. If you're not up to deep rumination, they're also convenient to rest your feet if you get tired! The climb is very easy overall, though, and the steps aren't on a steep incline at all. (There were plenty of older visitors climbing much faster than we students were!)

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