Hong Kong International Finance Centre Mall

Shopping 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong (MTR Hong Kong Station Exit F) Published on: 06-08-2016

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The International Finance Centre (abbr. IFC, branded as "ifc") is an integrated commercial development on the waterfront of Hong Kong's Central District.

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Why Hong Kong International Finance Centre Mall is special ?

The International Finance Centre at Central Waterfront is one of Hong Kong's leading business and leisure destinations. Comprising a unique combination of prestigious offices, high-end shopping and entertainment outlets, and Hong Kong's finest hotel and suite hotel – Four Seasons Hotel and Four Seasons Place, the 4.47 million square feet complex offers a truly inspiring working, shopping and living experience.

With more than 200 stores featuring international premier brands, flagship stores and unique concept stores, ifc mall is the place to go for an extraordinary shopping, dining and entertainment experience. It is not only a hot spot for sightseeing in Hong Kong, but also one of the iconic world-class shopping malls.

What to explore at Hong Kong International Finance Centre Mall?

The International Finance Centre allows you to complement a relaxing afternoon of shopping with soothing water views, and conclude it with a gourmet meal enjoyed to the backdrop of the glamorous harbour. The large mall houses over 200 international brands, ranging from mid and upper-priced clothing to luxury fashion , and the city’s only Apple store.

The mall is part of a complex that includes some of the most exclusive office space in Hong Kong, as well as the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel, where you can enjoy both Chinese and Western Michelin-starred fare. There are more earth-bound eateries available too, and the roof garden with views across the harbour to Kowloon is a public space.

A network of covered and elevated walkways connects the ifc to several other luxury malls in Central, the Hong Kong-Macau ferry pier, Sheung Wan, and as far as SoHo (via the Central–Mid-Levels Escalator), so you can mosey around Central on rainy days without your feet touching the ground.

Source: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/

How to get to Hong Kong International Finance Centre Mall?

Airport Express Hong Kong Station, Exit F

MTR Central Station, Exit A

From the Hong Kong - Macau ferry pier, walk along the elevated walkway for approximately 10 minutes.

From the Star Ferry pier, walk for approximately three minutes.

Source: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/

Selling points

  • Power Shopping
  • Very Modern, Very Upmarket , Very Convenient
  • World Class shopping
  • Great expensive hangout
  • Rich people's hangout place
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8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong (MTR Hong Kong Station Exit F)

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Tips for you

  • The toilets are very clean.
  • The IFC 2 building can be accessed vias street level or the MTR Hong Kong Station Exit A2 or F
  • You can shop, eat, drink all in one place.
    Things to do
  • Great photography opportunities from up close as well as from a distance.
  • Go into the building and down the escalators to the concierge, you will need ID and they will print a pass then into the lift and up.
  • Be prepared to spend some time queuing up for meals even on weekdays.
  • It connects to lots of different places such as the ferry piers via a footbridge.
    Things nearby
  • The mall is in the Central district, near bus terminus and underground (i.e., MTR) station
    Things nearby
  • Excellent views of Central, West, the Harbourcand Kowloon.


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Hong Kong is a city of fantastic shopping malls and each one has a different style and feeling. This one is both a mall and sort of the rec room for the financial district, so it has a feeling of both opulence and internationalism. You will see lots of foreigners and business types. Of course, all of the top designers and labels are well represented. The Apple Store is spectacular. The Starbucks here is a company showcase store, so they often have menu items they dont have at other locations. Also, the walkways that connect it to various places, such as where the Star Ferry and other water transportation sets off from, make it very convenient, as does the built-in MTR (subway) station. And it has many views and picture places.

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Huge mall.. Goes in a circle.. High end shops and restaurants throughout. Bring every credit card you have... Likely you might need them all.

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Two International Finance Center, locally known as IFC 2, is one of the tallest buildings in Hong Kong and the world, featuring the claw like spires reaching for the sky on the top of the building. This building is beautiful to view at night when illuminated in a white color from top to bottom, making great photography opportunities from up close as well as from a distance.You can see the IFC2 very clearly from across the harbour, will standing along the Avenue of Stars area of the TST promenade. We enjoy this viewing of IFC2 the best as it is situated amongst other skyscraper giants that make up the world's best - Hong Kong Skyline. Other nice viewing locations include The Peak as well as on board the Star Ferry.The IFC 2 building can be accessed vias street level or the MTR Hong Kong Station Exit A2 or F. The building is also attached to IFC 1, one of the cities best shopping malls, IFC Shopping Mall, the Airport Express transportation to Hong Kong International Airport and the Four Seasons Hotel.

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The place itself is wonderful, Quite huge... And the map is a bit hard to understand, but luckily there are people who are standing next to the maps just in case you have problems. I don't really like it because there are so many people there, and it makes me feel a bit cramped... It also connects to lots of different places such as the ferry piers via a footbridge. The toilets are very clean.

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