Honeymoon Dessert

Restaurant G/F 10A-C Po Tung Rd, Sai Kung District, Hong Kong Published on: 12-08-2016

01:00 PM - 02:00 AM
Fast food
6.45 - 12.90 USD

Honeymoon Dessert is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Honey Dessert is the hot eatery, which is famous for "Yeung Chi Kam Lo" - a popular dessert made of mango, grapefruit, sago, coconut milk, carnation and sugar.

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Why Honeymoon Dessert is special ?

Another great dessert is the mango pancake. It mixes smooth cream with fresh mango, making it a very delicious menu item. Lastly, they have a creative mango dessert, made of vanilla juice with mango and black sticky rice. Black sticky rice tastes sweet, soft and sticky, and it is exceptionally tasty when served with vanilla and mango.

Their selection of durian desserts is well known along with their mango series. It has many different kinds including puddings, pancakes and so forth. Last but not least, Honeymoon has a varied selection of traditional Chinese desserts such as sweet soup with papaya and white fungus: a refreshing, sweet soup that helps people feel rejuvenated, especially women. And if you have the appetite, check out the ice-cream with bean jelly and sweet glutinous balls, sprinkled with white sesame seeds.

Source: http://www.tastin-hk.com/

Selling points

  • Nice dessert with nice view
  • Very refreshing and delicious
  • Great selection of Chinese desserts
  • Fantastic place to have a dessert
  • Nice hangout for desserts


  • Noise level Normal
  • Budget Budget
  • Alcohol NO
  • Air condition YES
  • Had kid menu YES
  • Accept credit card YES
  • Serve breakfast NO
  • Serve halal NO
  • Serve vegeterian YES
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42.74 USD
Total travel distance
Number of places
10 places




G/F 10A-C Po Tung Rd, Sai Kung District, Hong Kong

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Tips for you

  • It gets crowded at nights so be prepared to wait for a table
  • Beware that there is a long queue in the evening and they do not take reservations
  • It has a branch in Ngong Ping Village.
    What to know
  • It's good place for westerners to try weird and wonderful dessert.
  • If you like traditional Hong Kong style desserts, come in groups of at least three so you can try their signature desserts without getting a sugar overload.
  • Best of all, there is a myriad of toppings (such as sago beads, mochi, crushed peanuts, etc etc) that you can pick from to customize each type of dessert to your fancy
  • Go try this place and you will see how creative the chefs are in dealing with the sweets


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The desserts in this Xigong outlet really tasted different from the franchises in Singapore, even the quantities of the ice-cream differed. Made it all the way to Xigong, and didn't leave disappointed. We were so satisfied with the desserts we ordered that we immediately ordered another each and the lady was surprised that we had the ability to eat so much! I initially ordered their famous mango pomelo sago with green tea ice-cream and behold! The scoop of ice-cream given was so much bigger than the scoop I got from other Honeymoon outlets, in HK and Singapore. The puree was wonderfully done. My second dessert was a bowl of hot ol' plain almond tea, and it didn't disappoint as well, especially in making my stomach warmer for the chilly weather. It was even better than the shop was only less than a 8 to 10 minute walk away from the bus terminus.

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Imagine that you had climbed up and down the mountain with hundreds steps, there was nothing to refresh you up better than cold dessert. We tried mango with sago and mango with Thai sticky rice, both in cold. The mango sauce for mango with sago is very good, but the sticky rice is too sticky and wet. It should be separated even it's glutinous rice. And they put too much canned coconut milk.

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