Hoi An Sunset Photo Tour

Activity 42, Phan Boi Chau, Hoi An, Vietnam Published on: 23-03-2017

03:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Second-time visit
4 hour
42, Phan Boi Chau, Hoi An
Off the beaten path
35.00 USD

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Hoi An sunset photo tour is for the ones who wish to capture the real Vietnam in non touristy areas and/or learn more about photography, this tour is made for you.

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Why Hoi An Sunset Photo Tour is special ?

Sunset in Hoi An makes for an infinite hue of colors and reflections. Enjoy a boat ride to Thanh Ha village, explore the rice paddies in the warm afternoon light, capture the workers planting, plowing or harvesting rice. Enter a traditional village along the river and a boat ride back to Hoi An. Photograph the old quarter in the best light, soaking up the afternoon sun and colors on the river.

Meeting in The gallery at 3pm (42 Phan Boi Chau) / finish workshop in old town by 7pm


- Transportation by boat

- Refreshments in the village

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  • “Really engaging tour”
  • “everyone should do it”
  • “"Absolutely brilliant"”
  • “One Of the Best Experiences in My Viet Nam Vacation”
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42, Phan Boi Chau, Hoi An, Vietnam

Meeting point

42, Phan Boi Chau, Hoi An

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Just completed two different tours with Etienne again in Hoi An. I first met Etienne fours years ago, and this time I did the same fishing village trip and saw some familiar faces, but in the afternoon we went out in to the rice fields. Amazing sights you just would not get to see on your own - plus we made some changes to my camera and I just keep learning. I will return again Etienne, thanks a million.

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This was so good. Etienne makes you really question what you are intending with your photography and helps you understand how to get it.I'm a truly beginner and this was an eye opener. Plus the ease Etienne has with the local people helps you to feel a bit more at ease with your exercise. And allows for beautiful smiles.The fishing villages are incredible and you get a chance to see it in a more intimate look. I highly recommend this tour.

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I consider myself an immediate level photo-enthusiast who loves taking pictures as a hobby. After watching a video in his website, it looked like the classes were filled with mostly beginners who were just starting out in photography. I was skeptical if this would be worth the time & money. I booked a tour with Etienne with the sole purpose of getting access to locations. Boy, was I wrong!!Etienne asked us about our abilities and what we wanted to get out of this workshop. I told him straight-up that I need a lot of help with my portrait work. I just didnt know how to get people to relax while taking their pictures. This was all he needed to hear and then the one-on-one lessons started! Etienne gave me all sorts of tips, tricks & lessons on how to be a better portrait photographer. Lessons that I used for the rest of my trip and lessons that I will incorporate for the rest of the photographic life! So, even if you have experience with the camera, Etienne will be sure you get something out of this!The workshop is a great value! All transportation is included - we took a van, a boat and bicycles! He also includes some food & coffee! But, his connections with the locals is priceless. You really get great access to the real Vietnam, especially in tourist laden Hoi An! But, you also get a great guide who reveals everyone's story. I walked away from this workshop with more than just great photos, I walked away with a better understanding of the Vietnamese people and their culture.

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My wife and I completed the sunrise tour in Hoi An yesterday morning and it was a great experience. Etienne is both fun to hang around with and a true professional. Never afraid to go to great lengths to share his passion and help people feel comfortable so that they can unleash their creative talents. Etienne knows Hoi An,Vietnam and South East Asia well and I look forward to attending future workshops and tours with him in the region.

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