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Attraction Hengdian Town, Dongyang 322118, China Published on: 20-08-2016

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Hengdian is a small town in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, about 300 km (186 miles) southwest of Shanghai.

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How to get to Hengdian World Studios?


Hengdian World Studios is located in the Hengdian area of Dongyang city, 160 kilometers away from Hangzhou. It takes less than four hours’ travelling time to get there from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian and Jiangxi. Transportation to it is available by air, trains and express roads.


Fly to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, transfer to an airport shuttle bus to go to Hengdian World Studios near Hengdian Resort Hotel (横店度假酒店). The bus ticket price is around 65 RMB (10 USD).


Take a train and get off at Yiwu Railway Station. Take No. 805 bus in this railway station to go to Jiangdong Bus Station, then catch the local bus (Jiangdong 江东 to Hengdian 横店) in Jiangdong Bus Station and the bus will arrive in Hengdian after approximately 50 minutes.


Coach buses are available from Hangzhou South Bus Station to Hengdian World Studios Resort, and from the north square of Shanghai Railway Station to Kangzhuang Road Station, Hengdian World Studios. Buses depart in Hangzhou from 6.50am to 4.50pm at one hour intervals, and in Shanghai from 9.00am to 4.10pm at intervals of 3.5 hours.

Tourist Spot Transportation

Tourism buses run between each tourist spot of Hengdian at intervals of 15 minutes, the ticket price is 1 RMB (16 cents) per person. It is also possible to reach each tourist spot by taking a rickshaw and the ticket price is 2–10 RMB (0.30–1.60 dollars).

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Hengdian Town, Dongyang 322118, China

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You may start choose and book the trip you wants online or while you arrived , have packages to choose from and can choose just one or two or as you wish. The packages i recommend, because it will be cheaper and more places to visit. While take your ticket you will get a red ticket and card , the card you will use to move between the buildings and area , and the red ticket is free food served to you. Children under 120 cm , enter for free Children between 120 to 150 pay half ticket While you get inside, your mouse will be wide open for the view , buildings and grass area and mountains view , so amazing. I leave some pictures to check , don't believe the words because it will be never enough. The originally place is at Beijing, at Dongyan is just a copy but perfect copy.

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Hengdian World Studios is a great combination of a few attractions with different themes, including a night theme park. These attractions include the Qing and Ming Palace, Guangzhou and Hong Kong Street, Imperial Palace of Qin, Along the River during Qingming Festival, Residence of the Ming and QIng Dynasty, Huaxia Cultural Garden, Rocky Grottos and Dazhi Temple as well as Dream Valley. All attractions have different entrance fees but you can get a combination of different attractions for a special price. Do bear in mind that children and elders (above 60 years old) have 30% discount and apply to foreigner as well. I managed to visit only Ming and QIng Palace, Qin Dynasty and Guangzhou and Hong Kong Street and this require at least 2 days in Hengdian. Overall, the attractions were good and interesting. However, the only turn off are the touts all around the town. For first time visitor to these attractions, please get enough informations from the internet. Or these touts will come and asked you to buy the entrance tickets from them. No harm as they are selling the tickets same as the entrance counter but you will definitely get a cheaper rate for a combination ticket. Also, these attractions are very big so it will involves a lot of walking. You can rent a bicycle at the entrance but I would recommend this for Qing and Ming Palace. I did not rent one though, but walking the whole QIng and Ming Palace will takes 3-4 hours including sightseeing. Plan your trip well and I am sure you will enjoy your stay in Hengdian!

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