Hefang Street

Attraction He Fang Street, Hangzhou 310002, China Published on: 10-09-2016

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Hefang Street also known as Qinghe Fang Historic Street is the most famous cultural and historic street in Hangzhou, and also the only well-preserved street in Hangzhou.

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How to get to Hefang Street?

Take the buses of no.8, No.60, 127, 195, 208 or 216 and get off at the east crossing of Gaoyin Street, or take the buses of Y8, Y10, 25, 35, 51, 108, 187, 212, 327 or 992, and get off at Wushan bus station.

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He Fang Street, Hangzhou 310002, China

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A view of the ''Old China'' kept alive and vibrant for the crowds of tourists, which are mainly from the PRC itself, and from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan, as also non-resident Chinese from other places. A must-see if you go to Hangzhou.

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Hefang represents chinese culture and foods. The street is beautifully decorated with shops at both sides for souvenirs, handicrafts, tea, silk, cosmetics and others. At far end of the street are many stalls for street foods like crabs, squids, stinky tofu, BBQ, liangmian(凉面), pancakes, and many others !!

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