Hangzhou Songcheng

Attraction Song Dynasty Town 148 Zhijiang Rd Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China Published on: 30-08-2016

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Songcheng Theme Park is the largest theme park of Song Dynasty culture and a national attraction in China. Songcheng Park demonstrates the rich cultural heritage of the Song Dynasty through different kinds of folk-custom and the large performance "The Romance of the Song Dynasty".

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Why Hangzhou Songcheng is special ?

Inside the park, visitors can enjoy the song and dance performance, as well as traditional folk performances such as acrobatics, magic tricks and other traditional folk games. The area adds several activities to its already elaborate list during festival times. If you find yourself getting hungry after all the activity of the day, the park features plenty of food stands to for you to visit as well. The entire experience can take visitors back to the ancient dynastical times of 1,000 years ago.

What to explore at Hangzhou Songcheng?

  • Embroidered Ball-throwing

In ancient China, daughters of the wealthy families usually chose their husbands by standing on a balcony and throwing an embroidered ball to the crowd. The man who caught the ball would become the girl's husband. You can have the chance to participate in this Chinese traditional event on Urban Street (Shijin Street).

  • Reproducing Area of 'Along the River during the Qingming Festival'

Using advanced technology, the famous painting 'Along the River during the Qingming Festival' is reproduced on a screen in the Lost City, which is in the northwest of the park. It is like a dynamic scroll. Thousands of different figures together with the dynamic environment represent the prosperous urban scenery during that period to the visitors.

  • Mysterious Street

Mysterious Street is on Urban Street. It is based on the dream of Emperor Gaozong of Song. Strange things happen in every room on the street. For example, in the Slanting Room, a wooden ball will roll from the lower position to the higher position; in the Reversing Room, everything is turning upside down; in another mysterious room, people will become invisible.

Source: https://www.travelchinaguide.com

How to get to Hangzhou Songcheng?


By bus

1. Take bus Holiday Line 3, 4, 121, 190, 202, Peak-hour Line 287, Interval 287, 308, 318, Interval 318, 354, 510, or 1400, get off at Songcheng Station

2. Take bus Holiday Line 2, get off at Songcheng East Station.

3. Take bus Interval 103, Peak-hour Line 292, or 334, get off at Ganyingqiao South Station.

4. Take bus 324, get off at Ganyingqiao North Station.

5. Take bus 1403, get off at Wupuqiao Station.

Selling points

  • Kitschy Chinese Theme park with Interesting Show
  • Very good performance
  • An excellent park for fun and education
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Song Dynasty Town 148 Zhijiang Rd Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China

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We visited this nice venue on a cold wintery day in December 2012,at first we didnt know what this place was all about.There's no English writing, so we hardly even know where we are.Arrived in the afternoon , and the view and lightning of this place stunned us.Eventually , we knew ,that we are in the Hangzhou SongCheng , a place where we can watch Chinese performances, in huge theatre.We saw some attractions in the park ,but already closed, it only operates from morning until afternoon and for some attractions involving water ,closed during winter.We can find some sounenir shops and a lot of restaurants and food hawkers in this area, experiencing the local foods will be great. The show itself was amazing ,the theatre was very crowded, many of those tourist are from Mainland China.A show of traditional dance with superb backgounds,lighthing and special effects we cant forget.A must see when you visit Hangzhou.

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The performance was great, but given that there are so many naturally occurring activities you can do, it seems a bit of a waste of time to spend time in a theme park in China. There's not much history you can learn at the park.

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According to locals, this is better show than West Lake Impression. We enjoy the show very much as it is very beautiful. The area needs to have more attractions.

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Take some photos here and there, and go for the show! Very expensive pricing but never but the movable seats that are the most expensive, the view is horrible, go for the second most expensive and make sure you get an aisle seat (get favours from your tour guide). The beautiful and glamorous cameras are come in from the aisle and only those seats can get close up. the front corner(aisle) seat of the 2nd most expensive category are the best, a paid for they tour guide meals to get it. Do note the audience here tend to stand up and block others. You have to short at them our they wouldn't care, your are posting hundreds of dollarsfor this show alone

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