Hangzhou Railway Station

Attraction Huancheng Donglu, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China Published on: 10-09-2016

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Hangzhou Railway Station is affiliated to Shanghai Railway Bureau, and is also the terminal of the Shanghai–Hangzhou Railway.

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How to get to Hangzhou Railway Station?


The newly-built Hangzhou Railway Station is located in the vicinity of Jiangcheng Road. It can be reached by city buses numbered K7, 11, K11 and 151.

City buses with single-digit number or double-digit numbers such as Bus No. 5 and Bus No. 19 belong to common buses that charge 1 RMB per ticket. City buses whose numbers start with “1” like Bus No. 153 are electric trams that charge 1 RMB per ticket. City buses whose numbers start with the letter “K” such as Bus No. K33 are air conditioned vehicles that charge 2 RMB for a ticket. Suburban buses with numbers that start with “3” and buses on special lines with numbers that start with “5” have a scaled ticket price depending on distance or destination. For these buses, the initial price is 1 RMB for regular buses and 2 RMB for air conditioned buses.

Special Tourist Routes

At present, there are five special tourist bus routes and five holiday touring bus routes in Hangzhou. People can take Tourist Line No. 2 at the train station and Holiday Line No. 5 to tour around Hangzhou.

Holiday Line No. 5 travels from Hangzhou Railway Station (8:00—16:30) to Future World Station (8:45—17:15), passing by Kuixiang Station, Guanxiangkou Station, Hubin Station, Liulangwenying Station, Jingci Temple Station, Suti Station, the Zoo Station, Hupao Station, Liuhe Tower Station, Jiuxi Station and Songcheng Station.

Tourism Line 2 goes by Hubin Station, Submarine World Station, Silk Museum Station, Jingci Temple Station, Suti Station, Hangzhou Park Station, Yuefei Temple Station, Lingyin Station, Jiulisong Station, Hongchun Bridge Station and Jade Spring Station. Shuttle buses of Hangzhou Railway Station run from 8:00 to 18:00.


In the city, the initial taxi price is 10 RMB for the first 4 kilometers and 2 RMB per kilometer after that until 8 kilometers, and then 2.4 RMB for each kilometer past 8 kilometers. There are also more than 70 Mercedes-Benz taxis here. The price is 12 RMB for the first 4 kilometers and 2.5 yuan for each kilometer till 8 kilometers and 3 RMB for each kilometer after that.

Source: http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/hangzhou-railway-station.htm

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Huancheng Donglu, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China

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Tips for you

  • On the second floor of the station building, there is a Passenger Service Center providing consulting service.
  • It is at the intersection of East Huancheng Road and Xihu Road in the Shangcheng District
  • Free WIFI named “SRWS-FREE” is available in the station for passengers’ convenience.


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The new station is lovely! HUGE! The taxi queue is still horrendous! I'd say line up a driver. My favorite is Jerry. You can find him here http://www.hangzhoutaxi.com/. Speaks excellent English

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My favorite bus line 7/K7 starts from here - a beautiful ride take you to most major sightseeing spots around the west lake and all the way to Linyin template. A good option when there is no taxi

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