Hang Cop Waterfall (Tiger's Cave Waterfall)

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Hang Cop (Tiger Cave) Waterfall is not too difficult to reach. The falls are also called Ong Cop, Ong Thuan, Da Sar, or Thien Thai.

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Why Hang Cop Waterfall (Tiger's Cave Waterfall) is special ?

In recent years, tourists to Da Lat have been mentioned Tiger Cave waterfall- a new landscape in Trai Mat area, ward 11, Da Lat city. However, it is not many people who can witness the waterfall because the way to the waterfall is not far but difficult to travel.

It is about 10 km from Da Lat city center, go along highway 20 to Trai Mat church, then turn left to a path, that is the way to Tiger Cave waterfall.

Going through winding paths, under pine trees, gentle slopes, crowded tree roots, tourists will hear the sound of the waterfall in a distance. Space here is separated from the noise of urban. The path is cooled by the sunlight penetrating through leaves.

After wading through a small stream of pure water, you come to the head of the waterfall, then going down to cement stairs, dense trees on two sides. Coming to the foot of the waterfall, vapor spreads as fog that is cold and wet. Looked up from the foot of the waterfall, it likes a column of white water pouring down from the high mountain.

The waterfall is described as in 25 meters high and10 meters wide. In the rainy season, abundant water, the waterfall spreads to 5 meters wide. In the dry season, the waterfall is narrower but still pours down with rapid speed creating patches of white foam and spills on big granite boulders beneath the waterfall’s foot. The landscape around the waterfall is still pristine: pine forest on high hills, deep valley with dense plants, trees and its branches interwove so that sunlight can not penetrate. Without concrete stairs leading down to the waterfall, it is easy to think this place is an untouched one.

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What to explore at Hang Cop Waterfall (Tiger's Cave Waterfall)?

From Da Lat railway station, tourists can rent a motorbike to head to Cau Dat which is known for having the best Arabica coffee in Vietnam.

Upon arrival, one can see a signboard instructing the way to Hang Cop. The cave was put into operation a long time ago but has since fallen off the map.

Local people said that the cave has a spectacular waterfall in the rainy season and its beauty can compete with other popular locations like Prenn, Cam Ly and Datanla waterfalls.

Tourists have to conquer 350 slippery steps to reach the waterfall, which is ideal for overnight camping, or just a short visit to take photos, breathe in the fresh air, or swim. People sometimes can see eagles flying across the huge pine trees.

Ankroet hydropower plant, in operation since 1945, is 20km from Da Lat to the northwest. Tourists to the site can admire unique French style stone architecture from the early 20th century. The plant is about 2km from the Dan Kia – Suoi Vang tourist site. There’s a narrow path with many sloping corners under pine shades leading to the beautiful lake.

Those who wish to have a quiet relaxation time can choose these two places for their next exploration.

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  • Wonderful place for a picnic
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  • You can also hike down the river a bit into some pretty dense jungle if you are a little more adventurous.
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  • At the flower garden of the site, tourists can see a big statue of a tiger and a family of tigers around a big mushroom.
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The waterfall is located in Xuan Tho Commune, Dalat city, in National road 20. Take a turning at the km-post No.13 and keep going around 2.7 km, you will see the waterfall. In 1950, the place was a deep forest with plenty of wild animals, of which the fiercest animals are tigers "Lords of forest". There was a big tiger which often lived in a cave close to the waterfall. At that time a local hunter tried to kill the tiger, but it did not die; it just got injured in one leg so it became fiercer and fiercer, screaming destroying the surrounding area and then it went away from the cave. Since then, people gave the name Tiger to the waterfall. At the flower garden of the site, tourists can see a big statue of a tiger and a family of tigers around a big mushroom. We can also see a statue of a brave man in a proud posture which reminds us of the then hunter. The waterfall has 25m in height and 10m in width. At the foot of the waterfall, the flow of waterfalls down strongly, making the dense mist covering the area. The white water then follows the rocks and flows into the primitive forest

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