Ham Rong Mountain

Attraction Hoang Lien Son mountain, sapa, Lao cai province, Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Ham Rong mountain is located in Hoang Lien Son mountain. the tourist can climb on the peak, have a good views and breath the fresh atmosphere.

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Why Ham Rong Mountain is special ?

Ham Rong is home to numerous kinds of flowers and orchard gardens. Wandering stone paths leads tourists to wild peach forest, then orchid gardens with more than 6000 orchid plants belonging to 194 kinds. Besides, there are a lot of indigenous and exotic flowers grown along the paths like Lily of the Nile, hydrangea, geraniums, ox-eyed daisy and cheery blossom. Mountain fruits like peach, plum, and pear are also found here. The scenery hidden in the fog and echo sound from bamboo flute of Mong minority boy change this place into a heaven on the earth.

Being shaped like a dragon’s head dimly looming in the thin veil of the early morning, Ham Rong (Dragon Jaw) Mountain that is fine combination of man-made and natural landscape is an attractive tourist area in the center of Sapa town.

What to explore at Ham Rong Mountain?

From the main road up hill you will reach to Ham Rong mountain where houses of Rock Garden, Orchid Garden, about10 minutes walk from the entrance and a mini museum where displays objects of some Northwest ethnic minorities. The top offers a panoramic view of Sapa and Fansipan mountain.

Another interesting activity is conquering San May (Cloud Yard), the peak of Ham Rong Mountain at the altitude of 1800m to enjoy the imposing panorama of Sapa town. In sunny days, from here tourists can even see the peak of Fansipan under clear sky with white cloud floating around. Along the way to San May, tourists may drop by Cong Troi 1, Cong Troi 2 (Heaven Gate1 and 2) for resting and photo taking. These places also offer visitors a great view to French villas and terraced fields below.

Source: http://hamrongmountain.visitwonders.com/

How to get to Ham Rong Mountain?

The foot of Ham Rong Mountain is only a short walk from Sapa church. It just takes tourists staying in Sapa town very few minutes to walk from their hotel to Ham Rong Mountain.

Selling points

  • Unforgettable feeling in Ham Rong Mountain
  • Great views and nice cultural show
  • Flower Garden in Ham Rong
  • Great views overlooking Sapa
  • Unexpected beauty
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Hoang Lien Son mountain, sapa, Lao cai province, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • You shouldn't point at the face of local people because it's a taboo.
  • Don’t hire the scooters because the road there is not flag.
  • There are a shop and cultural show for you to explore
  • You need a shoes and jacket if you walk in the rainy day
    What to bring
  • There is no shelter along the road so it's a good advice to bring raincoats.
    What to bring
  • Along the road, the beautiful garden and lake are the best places to take photo.
  • It's requested to wear shoes and jackets.
    What to wear
  • Don't come there in the winter because its really humid.
  • The best time to visit Ham Rong is spring, when all flowers in the mountain blossom, boast their beauty and perfume. You should get in there in the sunny day, it's easy for you to see a stunning beauty
  • There are some stairs so you have to climb as a good exercise.
  • There's some women trying to sell some stuffs or begging the money
  • One word of caution, the stone stairs could be treacherous on a rainy or misty day.
  • If you have more time,you can visit Heaven Gate near by.
    Things nearby
  • The show is dancing and music which are holding about 30 minutes


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This mountain and the entrance to the trail up are right near the center of town. Although there are lots of steep steps it isn't really a tough climb and there are beautiful flowers and views along the way and at the top. We stopped at an Orchid Garden on the way up, but only a few of the orchids were in bloom (although the ones that were in loom were quite lovely). On the way up you pass through large "white" marble groupings of rocks that have turned to black over the centuries -- and also pass through several lovely, well-kept gardens and come very cool (thin) rock crevises. The views from the top are quite nice, both of Sapa below and of the surrounding mountains. Part of the way up the hill there was a venue where they were doing traditional music and dancing, but our timing was off and we didn't wait for the performances. Although we did this hike through a tour, you could easily do this on your own. That said, we're still glad that we booked a tour because we feel that you learn so much more about where you are with someone to answer your questions. This was one of several of the half-day trips we took while we were in Sapa. We booked the trip through Viet Expert Travel in Hanoi and they were WONDERFUL to work with. Mr. Minh Pham, our trip advisor was amazingly helpful and answered a million questions. They were also extremely flexible with designing exactly the experience we wanted, and at a reasonable cost. One of Viet Expert's guides in Sapa, Mee, was our guide for this trip (and all of our other trips in Sapa) and she was exceptional. She was the most knowledgeable of the several guides we had during our 3 weeks in North Vietnam and she was also one of the most fun to be with. We went on trips 4 different days with Mee and enjoyed each of them as much as the others. In addition to telling us about Ham Rong and Sapa, she told us much of her experience as a Black Hmong and also much about the other ethnic minority groups, She was smart, savy and political (in all the right ways!) and a great person to get to know and learn from. If you’re going to be in Sapa, you should definitely take the time to hike up here.

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Climb up and loss in the cave stone forest. To see the nice panorama view of sapa city and lake, just follow the main street and see the sign of sun may.

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I used to visit Sapa 5 times and I only went to Ham Rong Mountain once in the first time visiting. It is nice place for local Vietnamese but so normal for foreign visitors I think. It is just like a big park with many flowers and trees that people plant and pare carefully. It is very artificial not to mention to its expensive entrance fee (70 - 80.000 VND). Personally I think it's not value for money. My experience shows that there's so many other much more interesting places such as Ma Tra - Ta Phin villages, Lao Chai villages, Muong Hoa valley... I went to Ma Tra many times but still feel overwhelmed by its beauty. To conclude, if you have so much spare time in Sapa and dont know where to go, you can visit Ham Rong Moutain

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