Hagimit Falls

Attraction Mindanao, Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Hagimit Water Falls is the naturally beautiful destination. The pool that catches the cool water is all preserved in its natural form giving the visitors a delightful dive spot.

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Why Hagimit Falls is special ?

The Hagimit Falls is in Peñaplata District in the Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCoS). It is a cascade of several smaller waterfalls that stream into a natural catch basin of cool waters surrounded by a verdant canopy of fully grown trees, mostly of hagimit trees (ficus minahassae) from where the waterfall got its name, and which serves as a natural shade from the searing heat of the Sun.

Hagimit Falls is located in Penaplata, Samal Island. Contrary to what many expect from a waterfall, Hagimit Falls is a multi-tiered water fall or a collection of small waterfalls that empties to a pool that acts as a catch basin. It got its name from the surrounding trees that act as cover from the sun.

The water from the falls is icy cold and is clean. The water coming from the cave supplies the neighboring districts that act as their primary source of water. Visitors are not allowed to go near the area or swim in the area where the water comes from.

What to explore at Hagimit Falls?

Activities in Hagimit Falls include camping, swimming and nature-tripping. For campers, an area near the falls is designated where they can put up their tents.

The catch-basin of the falls is perfect for swimming with its aquamarine clear water where tourists can enjoy a dive from the top of the falls.

The area is surrounded by trees and provides a good place for people who want to meditate, commune with nature and simply relax.

Due to the influx of tourists wanting to experience the icy cool water of the falls, developers are starting to create additional cottages catering to the visitors. Constructions are on-going in the area. A mini-bridge is also being constructed to take tourists to the mouth of the cave where the water comes from.

The place is just a small area unable to keep up with a quite large number of tourists visiting the area making the place feel a bit crowded especially during the peak seasons of summer.

Source: http://www.tripsiders.com/spot/dsu/hagimit-falls

How to get to Hagimit Falls?

There are a number of ways on how to get to Hagimit Falls.

You can take a jeepney from the airport and ask to be dropped off in front of the Bureau of Fire Protection where you can wait for a bus that can take you directly to Samal. Fare for the bus includes the barge fee. Upon arriving in Poblacion Penaplata, ride a habal-habal that can take you directly to Hagimit Falls. From that drop off point, motorcycles are also available for hire for a higher price. It takes at least 10 minutes until you reach the entrance of the falls.

If you decide to take the taxi, ask the taxi to drop you off at the Sasa Wharf. From there, ride the barge that will bring you to then in Babak, ride a bus going to the city proper of Samal. And when you arrive at the city proper, you can now rent a habal – habal or a motorcycle that can take you to Hagimit Falls.

While in Samal, visit other attractions that contributed for the island to be called Island Garden City of Samal.

Selling points

  • Good for a chang
  • Great for nature lovers
  • Beaufiful scenery
  • Relaxing stop after a hike
  • Nature Adventure
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Mindanao, Philippines

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Tips for you

  • The place is a bit crowded especially during the peak seasons of summer.
  • Take bathing suit as you may wish to swim.
    What to bring
  • Lots of locals there nice to mingle its free but if you take car/jeep then you need to pay a small fee
  • Best to avoid after rain as water is very muddy
  • The surrounding with huts and picnic tables where visitors could rent at reasonable prices
    Things to do


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As much as we wanted to take a dip, we lacked time. Instead, we just toured around, take pictures and yes, we did have fun. Its a bit tiring specially going back to the parking area. Its an uphill challenge for us. It is nature at its finest. Two thumbs up for this place, its a must visit.

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While visiting Samal Island, my fiancĂŠ and I decided to visit Hagimit Falls. Let me tell you, if you love nature, beauty, refreshing water, a photographer's heaven, then you will love Hagimit Falls. For a small fee, p40, you can enter this beautiful paradise. We spent several hours photographing the beautiful scenery, swimming in the pools, and walking around. I would definitely recommend this attraction to anyone visiting Samal Island. But rather then pay a resort's fee of up to p3,000 you can catch a tricycle to and back for about p400. Spend the day swimming and soaking up nature at its finest.

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From a demanding city to a nonviolent place in hagimit.. just very relaxing, stresses are gone.. expenditures are affordable!! ^_^ ..such a wonderful treasures in Davao. =))

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I was quite disappointed by the Hagimit Falls...I was expecting maybe something spectacular because some reviews were really great.

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