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Gu Byauk Nge is said to belong to the early 13th century. The temple takes the model of Maha Bodhi, with a sikhara, double vaulted halls and a spiral stair.

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Why Gu Byauk Nge is special ?

Gubyauknge Temple in Myinkaba was built by King Nadaungmyar during A.D 1198. There is a stone inscription about the donation of the temple, the land and the slaves.Some of the interior floral designs based on flower, lives of animals can still be seen inside the temple. Most of the wall paintings remain unruined. The paintings also include the lives of Buddha. Its design and size resemble those of Myinkaba Gu Byauk Kyi. The temple is noted for fine stucco works. It is one of those Bagan temples adorned with accomplished stucco art works. In the temple are large Buddha statues of brick and plaster but the hands are of stone.


What to explore at Gu Byauk Nge?

A piece of stone image hand is on display at the archaeological museum. Some Buddha stone statues exhibited in the museum were moved from the surrounding Zedis on the second storey of Gu Byauk Nge.

One peculiar architectural characteristic of this monument is its Sikhara which is quite different from those of other temples. The niches on its surface are circular in which there might have been Buddha statues.

The original frescoes on the walls inside the vaulted hall are blackened with thick layers of soot produced by the cooking done by the refugees who lived there during the second world war. Since December 1994 the Archaeological Department has been cleaning the blackened walls with chemicals.


How to get to Gu Byauk Nge?

The temple is from the 11th century and is on a dirt road off behind Gu Byauk Gyi on Anawratha Road very close to Nyaung-U. You can reach the place by e-bike or taxi.

Selling points

  • Mural paintings on the walls
  • Beautiful stone inscription
  • Interior floral designs based on flower
  • The lives of Buddha description
  • Important historic site
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Tips for you

  • There are two Gubyauknge temple in Bagan. This one is in Myinkaba village.
    What to know
  • To reach the temple, travel out of Nyaung U on the "low" road (i.e. the one nearest the river) and it's well signposted after a couple of miles.
  • The entrance is locked, but don't worry, a very nice lady quickly arrive and ask if you want to go in.


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My family and I visited gu Byauk Nghe last week and the experience we had is still lively in my mind! We love this site. What I can say? It’s one of most impressive temple we have visited in my life time. We felt like living back to the old Bagan time though interesting historic stories and what we saw. We was keen on the traditional value so the visit here made us love this country of many temple more and more

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