Green Bowl Beach

Attraction Jl. Pura Batu Pageh, Ungasan, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia Published on: 25-03-2016

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Green Bowl is known as one of the best surf spots on the island. This hidden gem on the southern coast of Bali beside the hotel site continues to appeal to lovers of quiet and exotic shores.

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Why Green Bowl Beach is special ?

When you heard about Green Bowl Beach, you may wonder why people call it that name. Green Bowl or a bowl of green has the name is because when the low tide occurs, it will form a kind of bowl of rock as you see the green of the hill surrounding the beach. The beach has a clean and white sand. Apart from the unique name, you may wonder about the number of visitors.

There is only a few visitors in the beach, about 25 per day. The reason is that because the beach lies in an isolated place. The beach is located behind hills and trees. You have to go through hundreds of steps descending from the hill top to the base of the area. Because of the difficult track to reach the place, there are only few tourists interesting in visiting the beach.


What to explore at Green Bowl Beach?

Green Bowl Beach is a paradise for those who love surfing. The beach is one of the best surfing spots in Bali. The waves in the beach are nice and strong. Although it is a popular surfing spot, there are only few visitors surfing in the beach. There are not many publications about the beach making it less known among tourists. Tourists who surf in the beach will say that the beach is an amazing spot, it can be comparable to other beaches in Bali. Because the beach is not too crowded, you can also do other activities such as swimming, sunbathing or snorkeling.


How to get to Green Bowl Beach?

As previously mentioned, the beach lies behind hill of Ungasan, Jimbaran, Bali. To reach the beach, it takes some efforts that most tourists may not want to do it. However, once you have reached the beach, all of your difficulty will pay with the stunning panorama around the beach. The only thing you need to do to go to the beach is to learn the track you need to go through. From Jimbaran, you can take drive to Uluwatu temple. Then, take a straight lane toward the intersection of Uluwatu and Dreamland Beaches. Having arrived at the intersection, take the left toward the beach. You will find a parking lot. From the parking lot, you can then simply follow the track toward the beach.


Selling points

  • Beautiful Beach
  • Fantastic sight and great swell
  • Secluded Haven
  • Heaven on earth
  • Amazing beach
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Jl. Pura Batu Pageh, Ungasan, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • You start with a very long (300+) stairs to climb down while beautiful views are opening up below.
    Things to do
  • Many butterflies and birds are seen while climbing down - giving a very peaceful and untouched mood to the place.
    What to see
  • If you want to come here dont forget bring snack and drink.
    What to bring
  • Its not recommended for old traveller or physically not good people
  • Karma Beach not far from Green Bowl Beach by vehicle.
  • There's also monkeys going around playing in the woods.
  • Karma Beach not far from Green Bowl Beach by vehicle.
    Things nearby


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Popular with surfers but not overcrowded. This beach is a gem its so clean and the water is blue, many small caves to explore when the tide is out in the afternoon, one cave to the right has a few resident bats sleeping through the day! Current is strong here so make sure your a good swimmer! You must be physically fit to reach this beach as the hundred or so steps are steep and a little uneven. The hawkers at the car park in particular are relentless! They wont take no for an answer and are always touching you.. just ignore them and eventually they leave you alone! Well worth a visit!

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Amazing beach, blue clear waters rubbish free. Good for a swim, surf or snorkel. You can even check out some hollowed out sea caves on the beachs. Take some water as the staircase down is a bit of a hike, and quite tiring to get back up. Local women heckle you to buy bracelets, if you're not interested just say so otherwise you'll end up having 5 or 6 surrounding you trying to get you to buy theirs.

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