Golden Cuckoo Lacquerware Workshop

Shopping Chauk Road, Myinkaba Village, Bagan Published on: 13-11-2015

09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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Golden Cuckoo is a family-run workshop, which has been around for four generations, displays their best pieces in front of the store.

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Why Golden Cuckoo Lacquerware Workshop is special ?

Golden Cuckoo Lacquerware Workshop is a family-run workshop which has been around for four generations, displays their best pieces in front of the store: cups, bowls, plates and trays. The proprietors of the shop speak English, and are willing to demonstrate the process of lacquer making to interested tourists. Visitors in search of lacquerware can go to the Golden Cuckoo, one of Bagan's most notable sources of the product.


What to explore at Golden Cuckoo Lacquerware Workshop?

Bagan is know for its lacquerware so it is interesting to walk into the shop and see how it is made and the detail they put in to it. At Golden Cuckoo Lacquerware Workshop, you will meet one of owners of the shop who explain the art of making lacquerware. The workshop tour shows you in detail the knowledge, skills and process behind the creation of lacquerware products. There is two parts of the Golden Cuckoo shop, the front of the shop has lacquerware which they sell for a lower price. And there's the room at the back which displays their best lacquerware and the price you pay for these beautiful items is higher. Both types of lacquerware has really good quality.


How to get to Golden Cuckoo Lacquerware Workshop?

Golden Cuckoo Lacquerware is located on Bagan - Chauk Rd. You can reach the place by taxi, horse cart or bike and e-bike.

Selling points

  • Beautiful, high quality lacquerware
  • Best quality lacquerware in Bagan
  • A glimpse on an ancient artwork
  • An amazing and very welcoming family
  • The most amazing lacquer work
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Chauk Road, Myinkaba Village, Bagan

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Tips for you

  • You will be offered excellent Burmese tea when visiting the shop.
  • The owner will be more than happy to show you the many steps needed to produce the final product.
  • You should go and check the second room to see the real stuff, and some masterpiece like the helmet.
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Golden Cuckoo is a family making absolutely beautiful lacquerware using traditional designs and techniques. The work they do is is skillful and time-consuming (many months are required to produce a single piece), resulting in authentic products of a very high quality. The owners are welcoming and friendly and will demonstrate how traditional lacquerware is produced. They have two quality levels - ask to see the best quality products in the rear of the shop. Highly recommended!

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