Gold Museum (Gold Ecological Park)

Attraction 22450 No.8, Jinguang Rd., Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan(R.O.C) Published on: 20-11-2015

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The Gold Museum (Chinese: 新北市立黃金博物館; pinyin: Xīnběishìlì Huángjīn Bówùguǎn), formerly called Gold Ecological Park, is a museum of the gold mining industry in Ruifang District, New Taipei, Taiwan.

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Why Gold Museum (Gold Ecological Park) is special ?

The Gold Museum (Chinese: 新北市立黃金博物館; pinyin: Xīnběishìlì Huángjīn Bówùguǎn), formerly called Gold Ecological Park, is a museum of the gold mining industry in Ruifang District, New Taipei, Taiwan. The Gold Museum is an open-air museum consisting of several buildings and sites.

The museum was opened in 2004 by the Taipei County Government as Gold Ecological Park. After the formation of New Taipei City, the park was renamed Gold Museum, though as of December 2014, some signage still shows the old name, including the front entrance gate.

The museum buildings used to be offices, dormitories, processing plants and other facilities of the Taiwan Metal Mining Corp. The Gold Museum includes the following: Gold Building, Experience the Benshan Fifth Tunnel, Crown Prince Chalet, Jin Shui Special Exhibition Hall, Gold Refining Building, and Four Joined Japanese-Style Residences.


What to explore at Gold Museum (Gold Ecological Park)?

Gold Building: This building is the renovated former offices of Taiwan Metal Mining Corp. The first floor has a gold discovery journey, a model of the Benshan tunnels, a display on the subject of the mining transport system in Jinguashi, mining equipment from the past and related relics. There is also an introduction to Jinguashi’s World War II Allied P.O.W. camp (1942-1945). The second floor is gold-themed and has an introduction of the special features and application of gold, gold craftworks and Gold brick that visitors can actually touch. In addition, visitors also can have a gold panning experience on the third floor. The gift shop at the side of the Gold Building sells Gold Museum souvenirs and is a good place to browse and buy a souvenir.

In addition, Geological Park, Jinguashi Shinto Shrine, Teapot Mountain, Taiwan P. O. W. Memorial Park, Gold Waterfall, Shuinandong Smelter, mining irrigation channel and Aqueduct Bridge are all scenic spots close to the Gold Museum that should not be missed by visitors.

Jin-shuei Special Exhibition Hall:

This was originally a two storeyconcrete building that was used as a telephone exchange during the Taiwan Metal Mining Corp era. On the first floor is the Miners’ Cafe & Restaurant selling meals with special features. The second floor is used for special exhibitions and also has a video room.


How to get to Gold Museum (Gold Ecological Park)?


Taking Eastern Main Line in Taipei towards Yilan, Hualian direction and transiting at Ruifang for the bus route 1062 and 788 to Jinguashi from Keelung Bus Co. at Wellcome Supermarket opposite the station during weekday. For weekend and holidays, please take bus route 1062, 788 and 825 at the Land Office next to the Police Station to Jinguashi.

2. Bus:

(1) Taipei-Jinguashi: Taking bus route 1062 at the Exit 1 of Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station via Jiufen and get off at Jinguashi.

(2) Keelung- Jinguashi: Taking bus route 788 at Keelung Railway Station via Ruifang, Jiufen and get off at Jinguashi Station.

3. Highways:

(1) Take the Zhongshan Highway in the direction of Keelung, exit at Dahua System Interchange→ Wanrui Expressway exit at Ruifang→ Provincial Highway

2 → turn right Mingdeng Rd. 102→direction of Jiufen→ pass though Jiufen and head in the Jinguashi direction→arrive at the Gold Museum, New Taipei

City Government.

(2) Zhongshan Highway towards the direction of Keelung, and exit at Dahua System Interchange Wanrui Expressway go in the direction of Ruibin→

Provincial Highway 2 → 78.5 k point of Provincial Highway 2 (Shuinandong) → turn right onto North County Road 34→ Gold Museum, New Taipei

City Government

(3) Hualian-Yilan area→ Provincial Highway 2 to Shuinandong car park →turn left onto North County Road 34 → Gold Museum, New Taipei City



Selling points

  • Great place to hangout or for photo sessions
  • Peaceful corner on the way to Jiufen
  • A place good for an afternoon stroll and history lessons on gold in Taiwan
  • Meet up with the ghosts of the past
  • Great for children learning journey
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22450 No.8, Jinguang Rd., Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan(R.O.C)

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Tips for you

  • Going through the remains of the tunnel which used to be the mining area. In there you will get to know how the miners live and worked during that era
    Things to do
  • Guide service : Scheduled guided tours: Free of charge. Register at Tourist Information Center counter 10 minutes before the start. Assembly point: Tourist Information Center Duration: Around 40 minutes Time Schedule: ˩Weekday˪10:00˚14:00˚15:00 ˩Holidays and weekends˪10:00˚11:00˚14:00˚15:00 • Group guide: Booking only, for 20+ people. Reservation: Phone booking can be made from 7 - 45 days prior to the visiting day. Reservation Line: 02-24962860
  • You get to witness and feel 2 a 100kg gold bar. Which tells you the current market price and it's framed up.
    What to see
  • Food there is available but pricey as you'd expect and nothing spectucular. You should bring your own to not waste time stuffing your gut and not enjoying the scenary and walks available.
  • You should visit the official website to get more detailed information.
  • Open : Weekday Monday-Friday) 9.30am to 5pm Holidays and weekends 9.30am- 6pm ‧ Closed : The first Monday of every month (Will be opened if the Monday is a National Holiday). Chinese New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Election Days and Natural Disaster day-off. All other special occasions will be announced otherwise.
  • On Holidays and weekends, it opens from 9.30am- 6pm.
  • You should keep eyes in your children to avoid getting lost.
  • Next to the museum, you can pay a small fee to experience the mining tunnel. Besides, Jiufen Old Street: Jishan Street is Jiufen’s main street. The mountain and sea scenery here is outstanding. Along the old street you can find artists’ studios and art shops. You can also taste handmade taro balls, herbal rice cakes, and other Taiwanese delicacies.
    Things nearby
  • Entrance to Jinguashi is FREE and once you enter, walk for 2 mins and you will see the park's tourist information counter.
    What to know
  • Parking lot is available.
  • Ticket Free (except for practical activities and special situations announced.) Benshan No.5 Tunnel Experience : NT$50 ($1.5) Gold panning experience: NT$100 ($3)
    Ticket and Pricing


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“Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park - Worth a Visit” I am surprised that there are few reviews on Gold Ecological Park in Jinguashi, Taiwan when it is in fact, worth a visit. Moreover, entrances to the Park and to the museums are FREE, except for the gold panning experience and the tunnel. The Park houses the Four Joined Japanese-Style Residences which were restored allowing visitors to take a glimpse into Taiwan’s Japanese colonial occupation period and mining industry of days past. The Residences are converted into a museum, offering free guided tours in different languages, including English. The Prince’s Chalet also stands inside the Park. Apparently, it was built for the arrival of Crown Prince Hirohito of Japan. The Chalet exemplifies a traditional Japanese structure amidst a glorious Japanese garden. When inside the Chalet’s compound, you’d feel like you’re in Japan instead of in Taiwan. From the Park, you can go to the Japanese Shinto Temple, 600 meters away from the Tunnel and you can get a clear view of the Teapot Mountain. According to the Information Office of the Park, visitors can best appreciate Taiwan’s old mining industry through the gold panning experience and the tunnel tour. I chose the gold panning experience and for TWD 100.00, I had great fun finding gold particles in my small plate of earth and stones. To commemorate the experience, a small bottle is provided as repository for the gold particles you can find to bring back home as souvenir. To completely relive the mining experience, I suggest visitors to buy a miners’ lunch available at some food stalls at the Park. One restaurant offers a miners’ lunchbox set, complete with a stainless lunch box, a wrapping cloth designed with a map of the Park, chopsticks, rice, porkchop and pickled sidedish, which you could take away with you and eat anywhere. The lunchbox set also serves as a great souvenir. Getting to the Park is easy. There are direct buses from Taipei to Jinguashi that passes by the Park. Or, one could board a train from Taipei to Ruiefeng and board a bus to the Park. The Park comes after Chiufen, another popular destination in Jinguashi.

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Exhibitions better than expected, interesting and informative. Worth going.

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