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Attraction Hoi An ancient town Published on: 30-03-2017

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The skillful tailors of Hoi An are well-known throughout the world. There are many choices here for shopping.With deft fingers and a keen eye, they’re known by many as master craftsmen, able to copy any design they see.

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Why Get tailor in Hoi An is special ?

  • Many choices for shopping

  • The quality of fabric is good

  • The skill is amazning

  • If you show them a picure of dress, coat.. they can make nearly exact during 24-48 hours

What to explore at Get tailor in Hoi An?

Hoi An is best known for its custom clothing trade and is the multitude of tailor shops. You might have a nice outfit just in several days or hours with a reasonable price. You will find an array of different colours, patterns, textures & quality of fabric. Tailors and dressmakers often display their own designs at the front of their shops, which they are happy to duplicate in your size, shape, and colour preferences. They can also copy any design. Store tables are often littered with major catalogues, recent fashion magazines; Shoppers can bring in existing clothing pieces and have tailors duplicate them. However, the shops find jeans particularly difficult to make.

How to get to Get tailor in Hoi An?

It's easy to find tailor shops here. Around Hoi An ancient town, there are more than 450 tailor shops that you can walk around to see

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Hoi An ancient town

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Tips for you

  • Bring a Photo -The shops only have “The Next Catalogue” to show you. You will need to choose cut and style after choosing fabric. Bring fashion magazines, catalogues or photos – show them what you want!
    What to bring
  • Avoid the shops in the early morning. For Vietnamese shop owners, the first guest of the day is very important. If you’re the first visitor and you don’t buy anything, it’s a bad sign. If you prefer to get an early start, make sure you choose a shop with people already in it.
  • if you can get a personal recommendation or choose one based on positive reviews then it takes out a lot of the stress. However, don’t always listen to recommendations from your hotel as they may well be getting commission from tailors.
  • If you want clothes, don’t just buy the first item you see in the first shop, go and check prices and keep comparing till you are happy.
  • Select Quality Fabric – This is the difficult part! Some shops carry better quality fabric to others. Look for the best fabrics instead of the lowest price.
  • Always driving a hard bargain when shopping in Hoi An. Hard does not mean aggressive. Please note, some will cheat you if you try bargain to much. The trick is to bargain with a smile and to be polite – this way, you will probably get what you want at a price with which you and the dealer are both happy.

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