Ganh Dau Cape

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Ganh Dau cape is where you can see the border sea peach's Vietnam and Cambodia. Moreover, you can also see the daily life of residents of the locality.

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Why Ganh Dau Cape is special ?

Ganh Dau cape is located in the northern section of Phu Quoc Island, which pristine forests, mountains, seas remain intact. Compared to southern North Island is sparsely populated and much poorer. However, natural beauty, are not inferior, Ganh Dau is an example. Here is a bow beach running over 500 meters long, shielded by two mountains. Standing on Ganh Dau, you can see Ta Lon mountain of Cambodia. Ganh Dau has a lot of corals, rocks and other kinds of fish, particularly red grouper. Seafood here is cheap that caught by the fishermen and cooked on the spot to be ready for you to enjoy.


What to explore at Ganh Dau Cape?

The most interesting thing when you visit Ganh Dau is that you can be just swimming and watching the borderland between Vietnam and Cambodia. If you like exploring you can rent boats to come two islands offshore: Hon Ban and Hon Thay Boi.. The shape of Phu Quoc Pearl Island is like a fish tail thrashed, swim to the north, the fish opened its mouth wide. That mouth is Ganh Dau, where primary forest is stopped before the white sand beaches and magnificent rock section opening the vast sky to the sea …


How to get to Ganh Dau Cape?

From Duong Dong town, bike back to the North Island. Just off the bustling town saw a little red dirt roads through peaceful villages, past the Phu Quoc National Park, the Northwest is to the fore Ganh Dau. In addition, visitors can also choose the western route, the Rach Tram up Ganh Dau by sea.


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Tips for you

  • You can visit the restaurant located right on the beach to enjoy this specialty and trying to eat while watching the sun the sea border.
  • The local people are friendly, simple, good-natured. They will make you feel to love and miss when you return to land.
    What to know
  • Marine specialties of Ganh Dau are very fresh and quite cheaply, after watching sightseeing, swimming, playing comfortably, you can ask to buy shrimp, fish, squid from the fishermen and ask them for the way to process.
    Things to do
  • If interested in exploring, you can also rent boats off the island as a fortune teller than you and Hon.
    Things to do

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