Fairy Stream

Attraction suối Tiên khu phố 4, Hàm Tiến tp. Phan Thiết Bình Thuận, Việt Nam Published on: 03-07-2018

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Fairy Stream is good for

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Suoi Tien (Fairy stream) is away from 18 km of North East Phan Thiet. Local people believed it is the natural gift of Mui Ne.

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Why Fairy Stream is special ?

The water stream of Suoi Tien has the red color from the sunlight and from the red sand in the bottom of the stream. The stream has the source from the mountain side around Ham Tien about 6m high and the destination to the sea. This has made Suoi Tien become a dreamlike area. Come to Suoi Tien, visitors also have the chance to rejoice in breathing the sweet scented field of pomelo flower and lemon flower.

The green lines of coconut palms will bring you to the world of pureness. The oxygen stream spreads out from coconut leaves will lead visitors go to ecstasy. Along the stream, you can have the opportunity to contemplate imposing mountain and hill. The most beautiful scene of this place makes many people feel unforgettable and passionating.

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What to explore at Fairy Stream?

If you are a big fan of nature but you don't want to lay on the beaches in Mui Ne. This stream is definitely a place for you. All you need is preparing yourself to do some trekking in a low lying slow flowing orange river that's been dabbled with some fragrant cow and possibly puppy excrement. You can climb up the mineral mountains. Here you can either walk right up the ankle-deep stream or take the steeper path to the right. Many people choose to make a circle and return via walking in the soft sand of the stream. Despite the magical name, a few interesting rock formations and a tiny canyon are the only highlights of the Fairy Steam.

Selling points

  • A nice special walk
  • What a surprise in Fairy Stream.
  • Unique view, unique feeling
  • A big difference with Fairy Stream
  • For nature lovers.
One day in Mui Ne with family

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suối Tiên khu phố 4, Hàm Tiến tp. Phan Thiết Bình Thuận, Việt Nam

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Tips for you

  • The waters look muddy so be careful on your way.
  • Some people can ask you to pay 5000 VND to get in but there is no need to pay for that cost. Just ignore them and keep going.
  • The more you go, the better the view is. However, don't go too far if you don't want to get lost.

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