Elephant Trek, Bathing, Tiger cave and Khanam Nab full day

Activity Ao Nang, Krabi Town 81000, Thailand Published on: 10-05-2016

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Elephant Trek and Elephant Bathing and Tiger cave and Khanam Nab will take you to discover the beauty and culture in Ao Nang.

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Why Elephant Trek, Bathing, Tiger cave and Khanam Nab full day is special ?

  • Elephant Trek

The trek takes about 50 minutes, a serene ride through the countryside, passing along a stream, though rubber and palm and fruit plantations and some of the real natural forest that surrounds the camp. Total distance is about 2km with plenty of time for the elephants to enjoy a bit of a snack along the way, elephants need to eat about 250kg of food every day so there really is no time to waste!

Riding an elephant through the jungle is really the best way to see the countryside, they are perfectly quiet so you move along without disturbing the nature and can really appreciate the sounds of the countryside, insects and birds put on quite an orchestral performance. Being high up also gives a great viewpoint to get a glimpse of the countryside all around.

  • Elephant Bath

The bathing is in the afternoon only after they have made their last trek. First, the seat platforms are removed followed by the dozen or so thick carpets that protect their bodies. Then, it's off to the river for a well earned cooling splash.

The river is flowing with water from the Phanom Bencha mountains so, the water is cool and refreshing, the water level depends on the season, but there's usually enough for the elephants to lie down and be about half covered. Each of the elephants has a different personality, some are more playful, some a bit impatient, some a bit shy about being bathed by a bunch of complete strangers. Somen though, seems to love every moment. She'll let anyone give her a scrub, sit on her back and will even join in the fun with a bit of a spray from her trunk.

It's such an unusual thing to be this close to an elephant. You have plenty of time to get really close and personal, you can see how beautiful their eyes are and really appreciate the character of their faces. The staff is more than happy to take some photos for you, guaranteeing that you'll get some really special pictures.

The females are the ones used for the bathing part of the activity as they are very docile and very familiar with people. It's a truly amazing experience to get in the water and be so close up to these incredible animals. When being so close to such a large animal its always best to treat them with the respect they deserve, and follow the instructions from the guides.

  • Tiger Cave Temple

Tiger Cave Temple is on the way to the elephant Camp closer to Krabi. The temple is famous for its Buddha set up high above the surrounding countryside that can be reached by 1237 steep steps. The view from the top is truly spectacular. At ground level, there are natural caves going right into the heart of the mountain.

The temple is quite a complex of buildings with a complete variety of architecture with the latest being a multi-story Chinese influenced Pagoda type of design.

The Temple itself is considered the most important in the Province and one of the most important in the
Whole of Thailand.

  • Krabi River and Kanab Nam Caves

Reached by traditional longtail boat, Kanab Nam Caves with their distinctive shape are well worth a visit.

After boarding the longtail it's about a fifteen-minute ride up the River inland through the mangrove forests and even passing by one of the floating gypsy villages.

  • Phanom Bencha Waterfall.

Just a short distance from the Elephant Camp is the Huey Tho Waterfall inside the Phanom Bench National Park. It's about a 15-minute walk from the car park up to the waterfall, most of it is very good, easy walking, but the last hundred meters or so involves a bit of scrambling over rocks.

It depends on the time of year as to how impressive the waterfall is, during the rainy season, its pretty big, a full 4 tier waterfall, with a pool at each level. At low season, it's a bit more of a trickle.

The actual National Park though is really beautiful, real Krabi as it always has been and, needs to be seen to be truly appreciated, just the sounds make it worthwhile.

What to explore at Elephant Trek, Bathing, Tiger cave and Khanam Nab full day?

Full Day - Elephant Trek, Tiger Cave Temple and Khanab Nam by Longtail Boat

08:30am - 4:00pm

(Monday, Wednesday and Friday)


*** Please note that this trip has a limited availability and does often get booked up several days in advance. Its best to book a week in advance to avoid disappointment.

*** Child Rate is for children 3-10 years Old

Addtional information

What to Bring

- Sensible shoes (like sport shoes)

- Swimming gear or spare clothes if bathing the elephants

- Insect repellent


  • Hotel pickup and return (approx. 40 minute journey each way),
  • Lunch,
  • Elephant Trek
  • All National Park fees,
  • Longtail Boat
  • Thai set menu lunch at a local restaurant.


  • Personal service
  • Other cost without ours program

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  • A very capable and efficient agency
  • You will not go wrong with Krabi Trek
  • Fantastic Tour Agent
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Ao Nang, Krabi Town 81000, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • Sensible shoes (like sport shoes). Swimming gear or spare clothes if bathing the elephants. Insect repellent
    What to bring
  • Please note that this trip has a limited availability and does often get booked up several days in advance. Its best to book a week in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • If you have a larger group of 12 or more, then it is possible to arrange a custom trip at all times of day including the elephant trek and the bathing with the elephants. Please contact us for pricing.
  • Child Rate is for children 3-10 years Old
    Ticket and Pricing
  • All trips include Hotel Pickup and Return, Insurance, drinking water, Seasonal Fruit
  • Full day trip includes a Thai set menu lunch at a local restaurant.


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We booked 2 tours in KrabiTrek and it was handled nicelyThe response from KrabiTrek was fast. I did not have a hard time coordinating on what tours I want to take. It was very worry free for us for our 2 days tour.First Tour: 4 Islands with Sunset BBQ is very nice - We were picked up on time. I would have loved to stay a bit longer for each island but I understand the time constraint. The sunset was gorgeous while travelling at sea. During dinner the guests were treated to a fire dance. It was great tour.Second Tour: White Water Rafting - I recommend this tour very much. If you consider this, take the 9km. The tour guide was very nice and friendly, the transportation to Phang Nga was very confortable. The captains in our raft was very friendly and very playful which made the experience much better.Lunch, which is included in package, is a surpise. It the best meal we had in Krabi, we were stuffed after it.

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It is important to remember that krabitrek.com is just an agent who helps you book with actual operators on the ground. Therefore their deliverable is ensuring you are booked for your chosen activity and that you are appropriately picked up for it. Your actual activity experience is dependent upon the operator you get. Here's my experience with krabitrek.com. My online queries were attended to by a lady called Mem, and like everyone here says, she responds promptly. While I was there too, I called their listed number (included in their invoice) and communicated with Da, and since then was in touch with Da by phone. I booked five items: 1. 2 airport transfers 2. Elephant trek 3. Half-day rock climbing (later cancelled) 4. Half-day kayak My first airport transfer was a big mixup, but that was really mostly my fault - I had included my flight details in my hotel booking, & even though I hadn't specified it, my hotel was so superb they took it upon themselves to pick me up, so I missed KT's pickup (mistaking my hotel's pickup for theirs). However, my husband's airport transfer was smooth (although according to my husband, the driver seemed in a bit of a rush). Pickup for the elephant trek was punctual. We travelled to the trek site in an air-conditioned minibus. While I was on the phone with Da, he informed me that my rock-climbing session for the next day had been cancelled as the island had a rock climbing competition happening then. They offered to refund via PayPal. Since that would've been my first climbing experience, I wasn't too gutted (relieved in fact!). Serious climbers might have been very disappointed. But then again, serious climbers would've known about, or even been part of the competition. What sealed my experience with KT was the half-day kayak booking. This Krabi trip was relatively free and easy for our family, so on our third night, we were cracking our heads about what to do for the next day. At 2230 hours, I took a chance and texted Da asking if we could be booked for a half-day morning kayak the next day. He responded with a yes! How wonderful is that?? He asked for our room number, & requested that we pay cash to the operator. Pickup for the kayak was a bit hectic as there were three different kayak operators picking people up from the same hotel. DO NOT WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO COME TO YOU. Proactively go up to each of them and check. We found our kayak operator and were able to confirm our booking with our room number. The whole thing may look and feel confusing, but rest assured there actually is order in the chaos. Overall, despite 1 or 2 hiccups, my experience with KT was positive. As service providers, they responded to my queries and ensured they met my requests, which is five-star service in my books.

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