Duck de Chine

Restaurant 1949 The Hidden City 工人体育场北路4号院 Chaoyang, Beijing Published on: 05-08-2016

11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Fine Dining
150.00 - 200.00 USD

Duck de Chine is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
Good for senior Senior Good
Good for couple Couple Good
Good for solo Solo Good
Good for group Group Good
  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Duck de Chine restaurant is known as the high end restaurant in Beijing, serving best roasted duck Duck de China is well worth a try.

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Why Duck de Chine is special ?

Duck de Chine’s (188RMB) embodies moist, flavourful meat with crispy skin that tastes rich but not the least bit fatty. Even 30 minutes after carving, the skin’s texture still seduces. Of the usual roast duck accompaniments, the remarkably light tianmian sauce, made of fermented flour, stands out most.

The predominately duck menu includes a duck confit (118RMB), lighter than the traditional French version but no less delicious, while a duck taco (55RMB) combines tiny cubes of stir-fried duck, water chestnut and red peppers served with shredded lettuce in a crisp pancake formed into a tea-cup-size bowl.

A must order cold dish is the pumpkin infused with sour plums (22RMB), a balancing tonic to the rich duck. Every bite of the large portions leaves one’s tastebuds feeling refreshed and yearning for more, a testimony to the chefs’ considerable skills.

Must try dishes:

A duck confit (118RMB)

A duck taco (55RMB)

Duck de Chine’s (188RMB)

The pumpkin infused with sour plums (22RMB)


Selling points

  • Delicious crispy duck
  • Delicious duck in a lovely setting
  • Romatic duck with a sparkle
  • The best Peking Duck
  • Perfect dining experience


  • Main cuisine Speciality
  • Noise level Small
  • Budget High-end
  • Alcohol YES
  • Air condition YES
  • Accept credit card YES
  • Serve breakfast NO
  • Serve halal NO
  • Serve vegeterian YES
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1949 The Hidden City 工人体育场北路4号院 Chaoyang, Beijing

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Tips for you

  • The prices are very reasonable for a meal of this quality in a famous restaurant.
  • Dim sum available 11.30am-2.30pm daily at around 150RMB per person
  • The restaurant is off the main street, it is a little hard to find.
  • Make sure you book the correct restaurant as there are 2 locations in Beijing, but both are great
  • If you want to have a romantic duck dinner with a sparkle, then duck de chine is where you want to be
  • Don't forget to look into the kitchen where the ducks are roasted to perfection in a wood fired oven!
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Originally invented in the imperial kitchens, Peking Duck is available across the capital. One of its best high-end interpretations can be found at Duck de Chine (00 86 10 6501 8881).

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Amazing decor n great roast duck. A trendy version from da dong!

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I love the duck here and the well bar is very cool! Great trees.

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Executive chef peter lam is nice! He helps us to order some good dishes.

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One of the best beijing duck I ever eaten

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My girlfriend always wanted to try this restaurant, we really like Peking duck and we decided o treat yourself for a weekday date.We arrive there at around 20:30 the waiter just ask us to wait, we waited for more than 5 minutes when there where clearly table available.All the waiter were sort of distracted as they were cleaning already (maybe to late?), but all the time we had to call them at least twice or more to finally come to our table.The food is good and it better be for that prices, the duck however is definitively not the best that I had in Beijing and was far to be, the sauce for the duck was delicious. We order other three dish with the duck and they were quite good.we brought a bottle of wine from Italy (that they did not have on they wine list) we had to pay 100RMB to open it (I accept that due to the fact that should be a good/luxury restaurant).The worst part was that it got so hot that was impossible to stay there, around 10:00 only other four people were finishing their dinner. We where sweating like being in a sauna, we asked the waiter and the manager what was going on and they said that the air conditioning just broke. After 10 more minutes, with the waitress were finish to clean the room (not acceptable for such a place and price) we had to leave without finishing our wine because it was crazy hot! No apology (in the end the AC broke right?) Well I believe that they turn it off to kick everyone out, but this is off course my personal opinion.I am not going to be back neither for duck neither for dining, and probably for nothing else.

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Absolutely appalled by the shockingly angry and aggressive level of service in this restaurant. The servers were rude, they reached over us to grab dishes, they were aggressive when they couldn't understand our Mandarin, & all the food was cold. There was spit on the floor, the kitchen staff ignored you when you were trying to get past them to get to the loo, all in all an extremely unpleasant experience.

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Having tried this restaurant a few times already, and each time the experience has been very nice. Especially the quality of the duck. Coming back here for another semi formal business occasion, at lunch, I was a bit worried if the place would look as good as in the evening. Indeed it's still nice. Service was more than ok given we were in Beijing. The menu was bilingual with pictures of the most popular dishes, so ordering was pretty easy. However, when we tried to ask for recommendation, that's not happening. Anyway, we were here for the duck mainly, and it was finger-lickingly good !! The skin was crispy and full of flavour, the thick bean sauce mixed with sesame went so well with the yummy duck skin, tender juicy duck meat and the soft crepes. We were in heaven ! We were offered a small sesame bun and we made our own mini duck burger, that was fun and delicious too ! We had it with a bottle of cool bottle of Bollinger, that's blissful ! Among the other dishes that we ordered, the chili prawns and scallops were excellent, pan fried dumplings were beautiful, the fried hand shredded mushroom was a bit so-so for me, but my French colleague found it very tasty. On the other hand, I loved the tofu duck soup very much. We were simply too full after stuffing ourselves with so much food so we skipped desserts. Among all the Peking duck restaurant, this is surely the best in Beijing, and according to my Australian-educated Chinese colleague, this must be the best in the country.

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Originally invented in the imperial kitchens, Peking Duck is available across the capital. One of its best high-end interpretations can be found at Duck de Chine (00 86 10 6501 8881).

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