Dream World

Attraction 62 Moo1, Rangsit-Ongkarak road,Thanyaburi,Pathumthani, 12130, Thailand Published on: 17-06-2016

7 hours
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
10:00 AM
04:00 PM
First-time visit
People watching (street)
Must see
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Dream World is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
Good for senior Senior No
Good for couple Couple Good
Good for solo Solo No
Good for group Group Good
Dream World is the definitely stuff for children which is a big American-style theme park with all the trimmings

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Why Dream World is special ?

If you are looking for fun in Bangkok, would like to have some amazing rides and have a nice holiday with your friends or family, Dream World is a best choice for you. It offers a variety of fun activities for all (from kids to adults). It is a fun place for different ages of people where you will feel like being a child or teenager again for that day. Furthermore, staffs there are extremely friendly and happy which makes a massive difference

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What to explore at Dream World?

There are some exciting rides such as Hurricane, Tornado, Roller coaster, water rides (Super splash) simply outstanding!

There is also a dancing ride that revolves and the speed varies with change in music controlled by a DJ, which is really marvelous

It has cable car, train, 4D adventures Show, water sports and 7 wonders of the world and so many amusements to entertain you

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How to get to Dream World?

1/ By Taxi

The easiest way to go to the park is to hire a taxi since it's bit far from the city. It will take 45 minutes to Dream World from Bangkok by taxi

2/ By van

Take BTS is the cheapest way to go to the park and go to Victory Monument, you will find micro van to take to Dream World which you will pay only 40 baht

3/ By bus

Another way to reach this place by taking a bus, No.538 from the victory monument or go to Mochit station(Chatuchak) and take bus No. 188

Selling points

  • Excellent place for having fun!!
  • Transform to Kid again
  • Fun For Entire Family
  • Family amusement park, fun for all ages
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62 Moo1, Rangsit-Ongkarak road,Thanyaburi,Pathumthani, 12130, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • The Indian Buffet lunch at pavilion restaurant is good.
  • Manage your time well so that you will not miss a chance to seeing certain areas as its spread on a very large area
  • Don't miss to enjoy "Parade Show" by talent street performer round about 3:30 PM
  • You should arrive there by 10.00AM to obtain full benefit for the day pass.
  • Please check the type of ticket you get because certain budget packages do not include certain items, so you will have to pay again inside.
  • You need one full day to explore place. It is crowed on Sunday that you spend much time on waiting in queues
  • If you join there, try to go on a weekday to avoid huge crowds
  • It is very possible not to have enough time to try all the rides and attractions if you go there late
  • There are many places to take photographs so do not miss the chances
  • You get the BTS to Victory Monument or Mo Chit then which costs about 200 baht by a taxi, depending on traffic. It's quite far out of the center but it is nice to escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • It is quite nice food that is not so expensive
    Ticket and Pricing
  • You don't need to book the taxi for the whole day as it will be more expensive
    Ticket and Pricing
  • If you would like to join Dream World, I would recommend that you do not buy the whole package if you are not willing to ride and see all activities
  • The activities there are very appropriate for kid and teenager but not much ride is suitable for small children
  • Bring glove for your small children for snow town.
  • It is very hot there, so make sure you wear light clothes, an umbrella or wear a hat that covers the face
  • That place is not suitable for under 10-year-old kids
  • If you take taxi, be careful as the end as you should bargain with the taxi-drivers because usually they will not use their taximeters
  • Make sure to bring spare cloth because some of the rides will make you get wet.
  • There is no internal bus or buggy facility that helps you relax your feet and avoid the extra walking.


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This is an amusement park designed for young kids. While there are a few rides (the Hurricane, Tornado etc. ) that can provide some thrills for adults, for the most part the park is designed towards kids of a younger age (i.e. - 12 or under). For instance, some of the attractions such as the Aliens show and the Horror House were (barring noise effects) simply amusing when you actually saw the plastic models used. However, for a small kid they are probably terrifying enough! The shows (we caught the Hollywood and Animal Show) were not really that good in comparison to, say, Disneyworld or Universal Studios in Singapore, but they sufficed to, respectively, fascinate and terrify a toddler.Was surprised that there were enough rides for even a 3 year old (our daughter) to go on by herself at the tail end of the park. On a weekday the crowd is fairly sparse, so you pretty much get to go on all the rides you want to as many times as you want provided you got the all-rides inclusive package - with the only limitation being the fact that the ride controllers generally try and wait a bit before starting the ride up in hope that more people would turn up (my toddler went on plenty of rides where she was the only occupant!)We originally went for a package with transport included that departed the park at 3.30pm - in hindsight we probably would have been better off with our own transport, though the cost would have been higher, we would have been able to stay on till evening, since our kid was clearly happy to spend even the entire day shuttling between the various toddler sized rides and excellent play area available at the park. Also note the rides are only officially available after 10am (not sure if this was because of a weekday) though the part is open earlier, and the first ride we went on took an additional 10 minutes to start.Final note - this is probably to be expected in an amusement park - but if you're visibly pregnant (as my wife was) apart from 2-3 attractions the rest are pretty much out of bounds, and they do enforce the no-pregnant riders rule very strongly, even for the rides where there is no visible risk.

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From the descriptions of the rides on the dreamworld website, I expected the rides to be very thrilling and exciting, but it turns out it felt like I was sightseeing in the air. If you've been to amusement parks abroad such as Disneyland or Six Flags, this will be a disappointment, as the rides do not give you that thrill or that "stomach-in-knots" feeling at all. However, if you've never been to an amusement park, then I suppose this could suffice.We also rode the cables to get across to the other side, and the people on the other side didn't let us out so we had to ride back. When we rode back to where we started, the workers said we had to get out and get back in line, when it wasn't our fault they didn't let us out on the other side, so we just got out and decided to walk.Snow Town and the Hurricane were also closed on our visit so we couldn't visit them.Overall, I found the rides rather disappointing, and if you've been to amusement parks abroad, don't come here.Tip: if you do go, try to go on a weekday to avoid huge crowds.

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Have lots of rides for kids, teens, adults and dare-devils. Buy their all ride ticket (with unlimited times option) and be a kid for a whole day.They have new Water fun park also and a small animal farm for your toddlers.Lots of photo-clicking opportunities too.PS. Do take a spare set of clothes and towel as some of the rides will surely make you wet.

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Last Decemebr i went to Thailand with My family. One of my planned destinations was this park.I did lot of investigations by my own before i go to Thailand, so that i can enjoy this with least cost (not getting cought to scams). My route was from Saledong(silom area, bangkok) to Dreamworld park. Fisrt i took the BTS train from Saledong to Victory monument(You have to change trains from silom line to sukumvit line at siam station) and then from the victory monument, i took air condition bus no 538.This bus stops at the bus station infront of fashion mall.The cost per head is only 22 THB. I Asked the conductor to drop me and my family at the Dreamworld park. The bus travel about 45-60 minutes.Then i got down and cross the road by the pedestrian crossing bridge as the park was in the otherside of the road.There were motobike taxis, but i didn't want to hire any of this as there was a Bus(double decker) sponsered by the park to take ppl from the main road to the park, it was free. The park was excellent you can find many rides,the snow town,water activities and hollywood shows.I have got a day pass with lunch.The lunch was also good. It was a buffet.The park has events to enjoy not only by adults but alsp kids as well. I like most the flying carpet and the air coaster.But i hate the cyclone, it is too hard to withstand the gravitaional pressure. I woulkd not advice ride on this if one is weak. I couldn't cover some of the rides and 3D zone as the park was so huge and lot of entertainment items. I would truely appreciate that Thailand as an Asian country has such a big amusement park with rides which i have not even seen in Europe's most famous Leiseberg park in Sweden(Gotaberg) The tickets was not that expensive if you compered it to Leisberg park as if i can remeber in Leisberg(last year Octomber) the daypass was abot 350 Swedish Kr(no meals only rides, no water activities at all) where as in Dreamworld it was 650 + 150(snow world) = 800 THB (about 175 Swedish Kr). Finally we came out once th park was closed, i thnk it was around 6:00 PM.I took the free bus to the main road and from there i took 538 bus to Victory monument.I returned to my hotel in Silm by the BTS train. I hope my review would be helpful to someone who think of travel there by Bus at a cheap rate without much hassel aranging expensive taxis. Good luck..!

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