Dragon fruit plantation

Attraction Mũi Né Phan Thiet Binh Thuan Vietnam Published on: 04-03-2016

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Dragon fruit plantation is great place to enjoy Thanh Long (Vietnamese), dragon fruits thrive in Phan Thiet. You should go there, bite into the sweet fruit and indulge in the freshness of Thanh Long

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Why Dragon fruit plantation is special ?

Binh Thuan Province, Binh Thuan Province, Phan Thiet /Mui Ne, Vietnam is synonymous with dragon fruit. The A1 highway just west of Phan Thiet is lined with dragon fruit vendors and many tour companies make a stop here for visitors to have a look.

Initially the fruit was grown for ancestral offerings and décor, but entrepreneurial Vietnamese recognised its economic potential and now farms cover thousands of hectares 30 kms from Phan Thiet. Originally a seasonal fruit, farmers have taken to shining lights on the fruit at night to create year long harvests.

A few clicks from Phan Thiet along the road to Mui Ne, to the east, is the Fisaco Fish Sauce factory -- if you're on a bike or motorbike, you'll smell it before you see it. You may be tempted to think that something died in the adjacent bay, but no, that's the heady aroma of Vietnam's favourite condiment being brewed. A visit to the factory is a staple on a lot of package tours.

What to explore at Dragon fruit plantation?

A lot of Mui Ne tour operations advertise a 'dragon fruit garden' as a stop on a day-long tour. This is really just a 'dragon fruit plantation,' and there's little point in paying someone to take you to one. If you're headed to Ta Cu on your own, you'll see scads of such plantations all along route 1A heading west from Phan Thiet. The plants are easy to spot -- they look just like what you'd expect if an octopus did it with a cactus. Pretty much any plantation owner will gladly give you a tour of their crops, serve you up a dragon fruit and a cup of tea, and engage you more Vietnamese conversation that you're likely to understand. Just stop in and try your luck.

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