Doi Mon Chong Mountain

Attraction Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary Mon Chong, Omkoi District Chiang Mai 50310 Thailand Published on: 08-06-2016

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Doi Mon Chong is the highest hill in Chiang Mai province. It is a peaceful area where dear roam and nature displays its splendor

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Why Doi Mon Chong Mountain is special ?

Situated within the Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers areas of Amphoe Omkoi in Chiang Mai Province and Amphoe Sam Ngao in Tak Province, Doi Mon Chong is a beautiful mountain retreat in Northern Thailand.  Attractions include the nearly-extinct and therefore protected mountain goat, as well as breathtaking mountainscape vistas.  Thailand’s largest Azelia (Rhododendron sp.), which blooms from December to January, adorns the mountains with its red-, pink-, and white-petaled blooms.  The landscape includes peaceful, sweeping hills and wide open grassy plains.  The forests and plains are home to many rare birds and other creatures.



What to explore at Doi Mon Chong Mountain?

 When you get there, you will have to park at the base of the mountain before begging your six kilometer ascent to the top. Halfway up the hill you can set up camp and spend the evening under the cars. During the winter, you will want to bring a sleeping bag because the weather can turn cold. 

From your campsite, you will walk for four more kilometers to the top. The top of Doi Mon Chong resembles a lions head. At 1,929 meters above sea level, you views from up here are breathtaking.

 Driving and Scenery: Even if you decide not to climb the hill, the views you will see on the road will stimulate your senses. Many people like to pull over at kilometer marker forty-two on the road between Om Koi-Muser and watch the sunset. From up here you can also see the mountainous terrain, the Thung Dok Bua Tong and the hill tribe village of Muser.


How to get to Doi Mon Chong Mountain?

By Car

From Chiang Mai, take Highway 108, then take a left turn from Amphoe Hot to Highway 1099 and continue to Amphoe Omkoi.  Musoe Unit is on the left after 40 kilometres.  From the Unit to the trailhead is a 16 kilometres drive on an unpaved, windy cliff road.  Needless to say, it requires a 4WD vehicle as well as a skillful driver. 

By Bus

Busses leave from Chang Phueak Gate in Chiang Mai, taking passengers to Omkoi Town.  Service starts 8 am.  Mr. Det Soemmatiwong ferries passengers to and from the trailhead.  Call him at 0 5346 7109.


Selling points

  • Nature power is beyond your imagination
  • Nice trek in Chiang Mai – Spectacular scenery from the hill top
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Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary Mon Chong, Omkoi District Chiang Mai 50310 Thailand

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Tips for you

  • Hiking trip up Doi Mon Chong can be done within a day, but it would be a very exhausting trip which should not be begun any later than 6:30 am
  • A minimum if a night stay is better advised
  • A visit to Doi Mon Chong requires an advance permission from Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary
    Ticket and Pricing
  • It's a favorite place for trekkers


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Is a long ride up but worth it. My family are really excited when we saw the huts and mountain view. Really feel like up in the clouds. Not cold in early November. We even tried the fried chicken down along the roadside, cheap and yummy. Remember to bring your own cutley as they use hand to eat. Also bought and brought back one pumpkin and tomatos.Quite funny experience.

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