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Attraction 97/3 1 4 Soi 4 (Khai Muk) off Hang Dong Road, ตำบล ป่าแดด Muang, เชียงใหม่ 50000, Thailand Published on: 08-06-2016

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Documentary Arts Asia is a non-profit organization which works primarily in photography and film, audio and narrative writing, to tell the stories from Asia that need to be heard.

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Why Documentary Arts Asia is special ?

Documentary Arts Asia is a non-profit organization conceived in 2008 in order to advance visual literacy and support independent documentary production and dissemination in Asia. The Documentary Arts Asia Center Chiang Mai, founded in 2012, hosts a broad program of workshops, speakers, events and exhibitions, and promotes independent documentary work by those working in photo and film across Asia.

The center aims to develop recognition for the importance of high quality, independent and objective documentary practice in the Asia region, and assist with the production and promotion of documentary projects which exist outside the standard remit of mainstream media, particularly those which represent the needs of marginalised communities and under-reported issues. Their goal is to ensure that documentary practitioners from any social, economic or ethnic background have equal access to the resources, training and representation necessary to produce and disseminate their work.


What to explore at Documentary Arts Asia?

Documentary Arts Asia’s Centre in Chiang Mai supports documentary artists both from Chiang Mai and across Asia through the provision of training and library resources, grants and promotion. The center has a gallery space, which holds monthly photo exhibits, regular film screenings, and other events focused on photography and documentary arts, and there is a workshop space where regular workshops are held on a range of different topics and skills such as street photography and photography for NGOs.

One of Documentary Arts Asia’s main projects is The Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival, an annual photography and film festival that aims to celebrate the best of contemporary Asian documentary work. During the festival, a number of photo exhibitions are displayed in locations around Chiang Mai, and film screenings are shown both at an open-air cinema and at the Documentary Arts Asia Centre. This festival also runs in conjunction with the much larger Chiang Mai Month of Photography Festival, which takes place every February.


How to get to Documentary Arts Asia?

Documentary Arts Asia is located in Khai Muk Soi 4, quite near the Chiang Mai International Airport. Documentary Arts Asia is conveniently located just 5 minutes walking from Airport Plaza. Take Hang Dong Road south 400m and make a left on Soi 4. Follow the red DAA signs!

Selling points

  • A small gem hidden in Chiang Mai
  • A good place to visit for something different
  • Beautiful and inspiring images
  • Great Asian and Documentary movie
  • Always lots going on, and lovely staff
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97/3 1 4 Soi 4 (Khai Muk) off Hang Dong Road, ตำบล ป่าแดด Muang, เชียงใหม่ 50000, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • The opening hours are Monday & Thursday + event nights: from noon - 10pm; Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: from noon - 6pm. It's closed on Wednesday.
  • A short stroll away is a small bakery with fresh coffee and a variety of baked goods. Ask the friendly people at the gallery for directions.
    Things nearby
  • The films here are very high quality and educational, in various languages, but all with English subtitles.
  • In addition, they have a great library with many large photo books and DVD's, and you can become a member.
    Things to do
  • Here at DAA you can meet famous artists but also very nice common people sharing the love for visual arts.
    Things to do
  • There's always lots of workshops and events going on - definitely worth check out for more than just a gallery.
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As this wasn't in Lonely Planet or Rough Guides, I just found it suddenly while searching for things to do in my area south of the Pratu Chiang Mai gate and following the big red boards. While I'm not generally a movie person, I attended almost every single Monday Asia story film and Thursday documentary film night between October 2013 and March 2014! The best movies I've ever seen in my life here! The films here are very high quality and educational, in various languages, but all with English subtitles. They mostly have to do with human rights issues worldwide. They are attended by not only tourists, but also the expat community. I learnt so much from the movies here! I also really enjoyed the free popcorn! In addition, they have a great library with many large photo books and DVD's, and you can become a member. They also do photo exhibitions...usually a new photo exhibition every 2 weeks. There's a fun opening party for each new exhibition with the photographer present and tasty food. The founder and director, Ryan, is a remarkable person from California who teaches photography at Chiang Mai University and is involved in human rights work in Myanmar/Burma, teaching members of minority ethnic communities to make documentaries. They have a great internship and grant-making programme. They conduct various workshops in all aspects of video and photography. They are now moving to their great new building, which they have built themselves through volunteer labour and sharing with Burma Study center. Almost 100% perfect; my only suggestion would be that it's very much oriented toward the younger generation and that they should try to appeal a bit more to people 30 and older as well. Also, they could make their volunteer recruitment process more organised and do a better job of answering their emails. They have a useful online newsletter you can sign up for to get updated, though.

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They offer twice a week documentary movie nights with popcorn for a nominal fee. Check their website for details and schedule.

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