Diniwid Beach

Attraction Diniwid Beach Diniwid Beach Road Malay Aklan, Philippin Published on: 13-11-2015

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Diniwid Beach is voted as the 2nd lovely beach after White Beach in Boracay. Walking along the seaside, you will be pleasantly charmed by the peaceful beauty of this beach.

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Why Diniwid Beach is special ?

Diniwid Beach is a small 100-300 meter beach which is actually a small version of White Beach. This beach can be access by Tricycle which is approximately a 10-15 minutes travel time from Boracay D’Mall (Major Shopping Area) which is at the center of White Beach, Boat Station 2 or a person can walk around to White Beach via a footpath carved into the rock face cliff which is only about 5 – 10 minutes. This walk is a must do whether you stay on Diniwid Beach or Boracay Beach because its beauty is breathtaking giving many picture opportunities. Diniwid Beach is home to such resorts as Nami Boracay (Resort 150 up on a cliff), Artista Boracay (Cosy and Quiet), Microtel Boracay (Great beach front swimming pool), Boracay Spider House (Native style resort) and Boracay West Cove Resort which is said to be the resort of Manny Pacquiao. If you are looking for seclusion, privacy, peaceful bliss and want to get away from the night life and relax than this is the spot for you.

Source: http://boracaylive.com

What to explore at Diniwid Beach?

When you want to get away from the activity on White Beach, take an easy walk to Diniwid Beach. This 200-meter shoreline is accessible through a footpath cut into a rocky cliff, which makes the walk itself an interesting experience. Once there, you are suddenly surrounded by a refreshing absence of noise and pop music — perfect for picnicking or just lazing around. Food and refreshments are available from a handful of establishments. Climb to the top of the high hill at the northernmost end of the beach for a marvelous view of Boracay's crystalline blue waters.

Source: http://travel.aol.com/

How to get to Diniwid Beach?

Diniwid Beach is the next beach over from White Beach and it can easily be reached from White Beach by taking a lovely walk along a path around the mountain, or you can always jump into a tricycle and for around php100 they will bring you to Diniwid Beach

Selling points

  • Best place for sunset sailing & Food!
  • Begin your walk of white sands here
  • Best beach on island
  • A small quiet beach
  • Very nice spot for sunset view
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Diniwid Beach Diniwid Beach Road Malay Aklan, Philippin

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Tips for you

  • Don't forget to bring hats, sun protection and your camera
    What to bring
  • Most of the resorts offer van service on a reasonable basis but you will end up needing to plan a bit back and forth to white beach.
  • It's less crowded than White beach
  • If you go with kids, make sure they are under your view when they go for swimming.
  • The pathway to the white beach is fine by day but probably not a suggested path for a tourist at night.
  • It's a good place for sunset sailing (about 500 PHP per person).
    Things to do
  • Spider House is a good stop for a meal.


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Nice area to go for a swim. Not crowded at all and none of the annoying peddlers/boat men who block your every step in the white beach area. We accessed the beach via Spider House. One way transport via tricycle costs P100.

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Peaceful part of boracay. A nice walk along the shore going to the stations is nice plus the view of the oceans too!

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