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Detrang farm is the first pedagogical farm of its kind in Vietnam based on Working farm’s model. It's great educational place for children

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Why Detrang Farm is special ?

Detrang Farm, the first pedagogical – working farm of its kind in Vietnam. Located 50 kilometers from Hanoi, boasting a lush green area of more than 12 hectares right at the foot of Ba Vi mountain, Detrang farm is the first pedagogical farm of its kind in Vietnam based on Working farm’s model. Detrang Farm promises you an opportunity to relive the childhood memories as well as interaction with nature, enhancing environment awareness, strengthening your soft skills, tightening social bonds through fun andeducational agricultural related activities.

Detrang Farm was built with the love and enthusiasm of people whose childhood was wedded to the sacred, rich cultural traditional ground. It is also the concern for the preservation of ethnic culture of nation and the children’s love of nature.

What to explore at Detrang Farm?

Detrang Farm is planned to be divided into 4 playing grounds, 6 functional grounds and 1 residential quarter for the workers of the farm, namely:

Section A: Functional grounds (6 grounds)

- Reception area : place to sell entrance ticket, to check in and to introduce products of farm

- Restaurant ,bar coffee: serve visitors in the whole time, baking foods, buffet, specialities.

- Houses on stilts:2 houses on stilts for groups, company and for students to relax.

The bungalows: consists of 4 built bungalows and 1 planning bungalows, each bungalow has 2 bedrooms, WC with full facilities required facilities for tourists. Bungalows mainly are served for families and couples

- The center stage: The round stage hold outdoor activities and fountain

- The students area: consists of a motel which can accomadate from 500 to 1000 students, a separate WC are and outdoor playground

Section B: 4 main playing grounds

- The area of goat, cow, sheep: consists of stables and paddocks for Swiss goat, Dutch dairy cows, sheep, Indian buffalo, boar. Here, we hold activities related to animals such as watching, feeding, milking, riding trailers, some games such as blind man’s buff, goat herding, goat finding, animal drawing ...

- The village area: This area is deeply imbued with national identity and northern countryside culture such as village gate, banian-tree, lake, market, roof tile houses, grounds for buffalo herding and kite flying… Next to is lotus pond, waterlily pond, rice paddy field, reed marshes, treeswings and monkey bridge. Here, we hold activities such as the old master, racing boat, throwing, catching loaches in the jar, breaking clay pots , catching duck, and some traditional games such as seesaw, bamboo jacks, mandarin square capturing…

- The area of horse, camel: raising pack horse and camek herd with wide range of types of racing horses, white horses, short horses, donkeys… Here, tourists can visit and experience games such as riding horse and games on horseback.

- The area of ostrich with activities such as feeding, riding ostrich, watching ostrich racing… Next to is area of poultry collection of rare poultry.

- The area of meeting hall, swimming pool and factory with indoor games. The area of swimming pool, pool for catching fish competition and water games. The area of factory and milk and cheese factory, the area of craft making and pottery making, paiting statue, knitting,… Next to is the area of planting tree outside and in the greenhouse.

Areas which are in schedule of lauching include fruit and vegetable orchards with self-picking services; collection of forest trees, medicinal plants; grass sliding areas...

DOK invested in building the farm on pupose of tourism

"Detrang Farm’’ follows the model of working farm. Unlike the Farm Park (simulation), “Detrang Farm’’ is for both tourism and raising a large number of cattle such as goats, horses, ostriches…All raising activities follow the standard model process and they are under strict control about the source of food, the care mode. The farm is opened for purpose of tourism, sightseeing, relaxation and raising and planting experience. Detrang Farm’s service is perfect combination between nature and necessary convenience that will bring to you the most comfortable experience. Products and services are:

1. Pedagogical Farm- “Detrang Farm”

Detrang Farm is the first pedagogical farm which follows the model working farm in Vietnam. The farm brings happiness, precious natural experience that can help children develop awareness, practice life skills, cultivate love by joining activities related to argicultural culture.

1.1. Programs for schools

Detrang Farm is pedagogical farm following model of working farm – that means the farm works real. This brings real and meaningful experience instead of conveying theory or examples or models. Students can join activities such as:

- Experience with animals: watching, feeding and milking: goat, sheep, dairy cow, donkey, ostrich…; Blind man’s buff, horse riding, ostrich riding, trailers riding…; visiting poultry collection, collecting eggs

- Learn to be farmer: planting rice, catch fish… planting vegetables and mashrooms, harvesting fruit and vegetable; visiting tree collection; boating…

- Traditional games: Visiting market, tug of war, carousel…

- Craft village: painting statues, pottery making, toy figurine

- Skill games: Fashion Show, firemen, fishermen

1.2. Programs Educational Farm in Summer

Combining summer vacation and outing for study about the nature and pratice life skills. This experimental education model is highly effective.

- Army Semester

- Educational Camp

2. Agritourism :

Detrang farm gives you a ticket to childhood with ancient Vietnamese village entrance, banana trees, herd of buffalos, horses, goats, sheeps, camels, rare poultry breeds, and village market. It is also where you emerge in greenness of vegetable garden, orchard, fish pond and lotus lake.

2.1. Programs for families

Detrang farm organizes special weekend for families with various programs and activities for not only each member but the family as a whole.

- Farm Families (participating in activities such as: planning, animal breeding, harvesting, games with animals)

- Artistic Families (participating in producing activities of handicrafts)

- Relaxing activities (fishing, harvesting seasonal fruits, riding horse…)

2.2. Programs for groups, organizations and companies.

- Young group: Outing and camping activities; riding horse and ostrich… Visiting and exploring, teambuiling…

- Organization: Seminars; Visiting; teambuilding; Relaxing (fishing, boating); ...

3. Cuisine: The farm food specialities.

Raising animals technology follows the fresh raising model and be strictly managed with the aim of producing fresh, safe, healthy and delicious food

Tourists will be served food specilities such as horse, goat, sheep, chicken, pigion, forest pig…Our food specilities restaurant is a combination between the tradion and mordern style which can serve 500 customers for holding outdoor party, buffet,… Besides, fruit and vegetable are planted in fresh and process that guarantees the high quality, the fresh and the nature of the food.

Moreover, we also have fresh goat milk and cheese factory which follow French recipe.

Detrand Farm’s Goat milk and cheese bring high nutrition, easily absorbed, full calcium and minerals.

Detrang Farm promises to bring a real education environment, impressive experiences to visitors. Besides, the unique specility restaurant will serve you the fresh, safe and high quality food.

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