Datanla Falls

Attraction đèo Prenn Phường 3 tp. Đà Lạt Lâm Đồng, Vietnam Published on: 04-03-2016

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Datanla Waterfall is a nature amusement park of sorts, offering several activities besides sightseeing. Due to the park’s proximity you can expects herds of tourists pouring in.

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Why Datanla Falls is special ?

Datanla waterfall is only 6km from Dalat city centre. It’s no surprise then, that this is the most touristy and developed of all the falls in this list. Just off the pine-studded Prenn Pass, Datanla’s entrance tells you all you need to know about this waterfall: the big, asphalt car park is usually packed with coaches; there’s a queue of tourists outside the ticket office; the restaurant is teeming with people; loud music bellows from the public address system, while tour groups study a billboard displaying a map of Datanla’s wide array of activities, including, a roller-coaster, cable car, abseiling, rafting, and ‘free jumping’. The waterfall has several ‘levels’, each of which offers a different one of the ‘attractions’ just listed.


What to explore at Datanla Falls?

Activities at Datanla waterfall

The roller coaster system at Datanla waterfall is regarded as the unique one in Dalat city. Its length is 1.000m, and there are sensor brakes to slow down the speed of the sled which goes too fast to keep a safe distance between sleds. A sled is enough for 2 people with hand brakes to adjust its speed. The average speed 10-20km, and the high speed is 40km. Visitors wishing to visit Datanla must walk through hundreds meters of steep tracks and it took 10-15 minutes to go on foot, but now it takes only 2 minutes to go up and down the falls. Adventurous couples want to experience the maximum speed (40km / h) to enjoy marvelous feelings when the sled tear wind to go down very fast down to the bottom of the ride.

Datanla roller coaster is used both as a thrill attraction and also as a real transportation system. The coaster is used to reach and visit Datanla Falls which are at the bottom of a gorge. Unlike other roller coasters, the departure is located at the top of the track and the sleds have to go down the slope to reach the bottom of the ride. Then visitors leave the sled to visit the falls, and after their visit visitors take another sled which takes them back up to the top with a cable car system which is a real funicular.

Alpine roller coasters are quite famous now and you may find many of them in mountain resorts where they are used as summer sled attractions. They are built by Wiegand, a German company. They are small roller coasters where individual sleds are pulled up to the top of the ride with an automatic cable car system. Then the sled is dropped in a steep slope with many curves.

We walked down the hill to get to the falls at the bottom of the gorge and we took the coaster back up to the top and apparently we missed most of the thrill of the ride.

With the average speed (10 - 20km/h), visitors are pleased to watch a mysterious and dreamlike tourist destination which is 5km from Dalat city and is still keeping its original beauty. Visitors also listen to birds’singing and sounds of pine trees.

Rope climbing at Datanlla Waterfall is an adventurous sport to explore and test visitors’ courage in Death Cave.

Datanla greets visitors with a spectacular 7-tiered waterfall. A pure blue stream flows over granite ridge and then flushes down the large stone to create white foams, and a 7-color rainbow. Chestnut said that fairies usually bathed in the falls because it was covered by several tiers of leaves.

Death Cave with noisy sounds, white foams and slippery cliffs creates psychological pressure for tourists, yet role-climbing service is held fairly sophisticated, secure. Especially, there have also insurance belts for the coached to help visitors whenever.

Holding roles tight, stepping on the cliffs, visitors have great fun to control the roles and they can stop to admire the strangely shaped rocks, the brilliant flowers in rock crevices, and the beams of unique leaves.

When visitors place their feet to the bottom of the Death Canyon, they will be floating on the stream and the stream flows push them to a different area – Luu Thuy groge. If visitors are in good health and want to challenge their courage, you should conquer seven floors of Datanla waterfall.

After trying roller coasters, role-climbing over the falls to discover another world of Dalat tourism, tourists follow the path in the forest to return its starting-point. The fresh cool air and green primitive forests, grass fields turning into brilliant yellow color in the sun, and wild sunflower hills blooming yellow, etc are claimed to help visitors quickly recover their power after the adventure games


How to get to Datanla Falls?

To get to the falls take Highway 20 a few kilometres south of Dalat, the entrance to Datanla is on your right (west). Many tour agencies in Dalat include Datanla waterfall as part of a day trip, or you can easily ride here by hired motorbike, bicycle, or even walk


Selling points

  • Great 'roller coaster'
  • Loved the ride down and even better up
  • Take the Ride both ways
  • Do it for the ride down
  • Nice waterfall and roller coaster
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đèo Prenn Phường 3 tp. Đà Lạt Lâm Đồng, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • The other good thing is the wildlife – lots of squirrels, birds and butterflies.
    What to see
  • This beautiful waterfalls are just next to Truc Lam Pagoda.
  • To return to the top the sled will also pull you back up the hill for a further small charge.
  • There is a cable car ride down to the lower falls, which is funny and much less crowded.
    Things to do
  • There are three levels of the falls, the last one being the most beautiful.
    Things to do


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We had a most enjoyable afternoon at these waterfalls, although it was very busy. Most of the visitors were local families, who were keen to have a chat and practice their english. The falls themselves were very pleasant and the walk down was not as difficult as I expected. There is a cable car ride down to the lower falls, which was fun and much less crowded. Riding back up in the toboggan was also fun and much easier than the steep, hot climb.

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Take the coaster ride down to the waterfall! Take a one-way ticket so you burn some cal's on your way back you lazy monkey!

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