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Attraction Danasan Eco Adventure Park, Danao City, 6004 Cebu, Philippines Published on: 07-04-2016

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Danasan Eco Adventure Park, located in Barangay Danasan, an hour away from Danao City, Cebu, boasts of 133 hectares of beautiful outdoors.

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Why Danasan Eco Adventure Park is special ?

Danasan Eco Adventure Park in Davao City, Cebu boasts of 133 hectares of beautiful outdoors. The Park has cave, a waterfall with three astounding drops, several fresh water springs, and a man-made lake. Danasan also has a wide range of eco-friendly activities that will surely satisfy one's thirst for adventure. All park facilities are fully environment friendly and are carefully planned so as not to cause any harm to the natural beauty of the environment. The Danasan Eco Adventure Park leverages on nature's splendor after all.

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What to explore at Danasan Eco Adventure Park?

I. Adventure: Danasan Eco Adventure Park has several exciting adventures lined up.

The Wet Cave Experience - (For Beginners and Advance) *For kids and adults (380php or one (1) Adventure pass per head).

Tyrolean, Rappelling, Trekking and Waterfall Exploration - Learn the basics of rappelling from the guides and get the bragging rights of rappelling down a 40-feet drop water fall.

Way of the Cross and Grotto - To replenish and awaken the spirit, take a lovely walk or stride with a horse at the park's grotto and way of the cross.

Danasan Falls - During the two hour (2h) trek , marvel each section and be fascinated by one fall to another fall, and another one.

All-terrain vehicle (ATV) Trailing - (380php or one (1) Adventure pass per head)

Speedway and Skybike

II. Activities:

Wall Climbing Twin Tower

(380php or one (1) Adventure pass per head). For Adults and Children (For Age 10 onwards * Parental Guidance required from ages 14 and below).

Sky Drop

*1-2 person/s (760 php or Two (2) Adventure passes per head). For Adults and Children (Age 10 onwards * Parental Guidance for 14 years and below).

High Cable Twin Tower

(380php or one (1) Adventure pass per head). For Adults and Children (For Ages 10 onwards * Parental Guidance required 14 years and below).

Rapelling Twin Tower

(380php or one (1) Adventure pass per head). For Adults and Children (For Ages 10 onwards * Parental Guidance required 14 years and below).

Zip line with horse back-riding

*1-2 person/s (380php or one (1) Adventure pass per head) For kids and adults.

Horse Back Riding

(380php or one (1) Adventure pass per head).

Rope's Course

(380php or one (1) Adventure pass per head).

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How to get to Danasan Eco Adventure Park?

The barangay of Danasan is so far off into the mountains that it’s nearer the town of Asturias than the Danao City center. It’s 27 kilometers or an hour by car to the Danasan Eco Adventure Park from City Hall.

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Selling points

  • Wide range of activities for all
  • Good experience, definitely worth the stay
  • Very accomodating staff, super extreme
  • A great place, excellent service
  • Perfect place for adventurers
A great 2 day trip to Cebu with my parents

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Danasan Eco Adventure Park, Danao City, 6004 Cebu, Philippines

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Tips for you

  • The park offers shuttle service for: Cebu - Danasan (roundtrip for minimum number of 14pax.) 400 per head (round trip) and Danao - Danasan (roundtrip) 250 per head (round trip).
  • For those who plays ATV, the whole track is muddy so all of the mud will be flying all over the place. It's best to bring a set of complete clothes.
    What to bring
  • To conquer your fear of heights and improve your upper body strength and endurance, the rope course will be the best challenge for you!
  • Note that there's no signal for Globe telecom subscribers, Smart users can have signal just for sending sms.
  • It's best to go on a weekday as to avoid long queue.
  • The part is not for the claustrophobic or in poor physical shape. Just climbing down the hill to the cave entrance is enough for your knees.
  • The rate for many activities is an affordable P380 per person. It also has some packages. A one day pass is P1,400 per head and includes four adventure tickets.
    Ticket and Pricing


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The scenery is breathtaking. They have competitive & leisure activities. Try the Sky Drop and ATV. The best. They have the highest sky drop & wall climbing at 120ft. High.

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I was with my cousins from Australia and they wanted to try out some outdoor activities. Danasan Eco Park offered versatility, affordability and fun! What i liked was that you get to choose the activities. We got the 1,700 package which is 1,400 - 4 activities to choose from. A saving already of 120 since an individual activity would cost you 380. 50 - entrance fee 250 - shuttle service from Danao City to Danasan Eco Park ATV The ATV was just all right. The motor kept shutting down for some ATVs. It has a scenic course but apart from that, it had just little excitement compared to other ATV activities compared to others Speedway Its a go cart on dirt. The course was quite nice but i had more fun with this than the ATV. The carts are just make shift from a side car platform of a bike and a small motor. It was fun. Do prepare for a lot of dust. Trekking and Caving This activity costs 2 vouchers or an equivalent of 760 pesos. But for me it was the best activity I did. It was physically challenging as you will need to hang, crawl, swim and squat inside the cave. Its a more interactive way of spelunking rather than just walking into one. Do prepare to get wet as most of the time half of your body is submerged in cool water which was refreshing. Safety gears all provided like vest and helmet. It also comes with a water proof flashlight. To me, this is a nice introduction to spelunking. The activity would take around 1 hour and a half. It will start with a 10 minute rough ride to the starting point and from there, a 10 minute trek down the cave. Its a great activity worth the time and price. I would return to try the other activities. The downside is the food. I found it just OK but the service was quite slow. Took us 1 hour to be served and there were only a handful number of guests. Bring your own food especially if you are bringing your own vehicle. Important Notes: - Make sure you contact Danasan Eco Park prior to going there especially when availing of their shuttle services - Travel time from Danao to Danasan is around 1 hour. - Best to go on a weekday as to avoid long queue (went on a Tuesday and finished the activities right away) - Bring a set of complete clothes - No signal for Globe telecom subscribers, Smart users can have signal just for sending sms. Overall, its a great place for people with various interest or level of outdoor activities. Will be back definitely!

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