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Attraction 156 Tran Phu street, Hai Chau district, Da Nang City Published on: 26-05-2018

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Danang Cathedral is the cathedral of Danang Diocese in central Vietnam. It is the only church that built in Danang city in the French colonial period.

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Why Danang Cathedral is special ?

Danang Cathedral is the cathedral of Danang Diocese in central Vietnam. This is the only church built in Danang city in the French colonial period.

The imposing, candy-pink cathedral is known locally by the slightly less imposing name ‘Rooster’ (Con Ga) Church. The name comes from the rooster that sits atop the impressive steeple. According to an explanation from the priest, the rooster on the roof of the church is not in fact the symbol of France, but is a symbol associated with St Peter's story in the Gospel about repentance and awakening.

Built in 1923 for Danang’s French colonial population, the cathedral is an easy half kilometer walk from the CBD. The church officially opened its doors on 10 March 1924 with the purpose of serving the French Catholics who lived in Danang at that time. Now, the cathedral still functions as a lively place of worship; in fact late-comers for services often find all the seats are taken.

What to explore at Danang Cathedral?

The church was designed with Gothic styles. Inside the church, there are holy pictures and statues illustrated the Bible events as motifs of Western churches. On the top roof of the church at the lightening rod position, there is with a statue of a gray rooster made of alloyed used to determine the directions of the winds.

The cathedral measures about 70 meters in height, and it’s Gothic-style design is an amazing and marvelous architectural structure incorporating several medieval stained glass windows of various saints. The Cathedral has been awarded a medal by the Vatican Holy See.

Behind the church is a grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is a replica of the Lourdes Grotto in France.

At present, the cathedral serves 4,000 parishioners, and offers services in different languages with sermons in English every Sunday at 9am. Late-comers for services often find all the seats are taken.

The Danang Cathedral is a wonderful religious site, well worth a visit whilst you are discovering the beauty of the land and people of our seaside city.

How to get to Danang Cathedral?

Danang does not have the volume of traffic like other large cities so taxis are cheap to access and tour around Danang and find the attractions.

Selling points

  • Bigger than it looks
  • Grand Cathedral of Danang
  • Cool Old Church
  • Beautiful outlook
  • Lovely pink cathedral
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156 Tran Phu street, Hai Chau district, Da Nang City

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Tips for you

  • They have a small store to buy some soveunirs
  • It might be of some interest for visitors interested in the history of colonial architecture and for Christian believers.
    What to bring
  • It's definitely a nice spot for photographers to take a lovely photo of it, there is some french atmosphere around the area.
  • The Cathedral is right in the centre of town so is relatively easy to find.
  • You should get their early otherwise you may have to stand during the early morning mass
  • They are very hard working and appreciate any donation you may give them.
    Things to do
  • It is located near a post office that is also architecturally beautiful.
    Things nearby
  • The church celebrates English mass every Sunday at 09:00 am.
  • It is located at 156 Tran Phu Hai Chau Da Nang Vietnam.


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I am not a catholic, but I have always love to attend this place as much as I can since I was a little kid. Considering it is the third largest catholic cathedral in Vietnam, this "nha tho con ga" is quaint, charming, sacred, and intimate as it can be. Sitting inside this cathedral, I can feel like "God" is sitting next to me instead of "judging" me from far above. It is true that the place does not provide a powerful space but rather embraces a personal comfort. Come, sit in and "enjoy" peace.

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This catholic cathedral stands majestically in its large compound in the city centre, resplendent in its light pink and white shades. Unfortunately the main gates were still not open at about nearly 9 in the morning and so all we could do was just to admire from outside the gates. This cathedral has a central main spire which rises very high above six other smaller spires, 3 on each side in descending formation, and there are 2 white statues standing proudly, one on each side of the cathedral. The cathedral building sits behind a large courtyard in front of it and it’s a joy to find such a peaceful enclave amidst the busy commercial area of Danang. Worth a visit.

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We went to an all English mass at the cathedral. I believe it is nick named, "the rooster." The cathedral looks quite small from the outside, but is in fact quite large on the inside. Worth a visit, even better if you can attend a mass.

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Cathedral of Danang, pink color, mass on Sunday fills the church and the whole yard outside, and even people sitting on motorbikes on Tran Phu Street

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