Da Nhay Beach

Attraction Thanh Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam Published on: 25-03-2017

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Da Nhay Beach is a clean, white-sand beach with rocky mountains, stone pillars in various sizes and numerous particularly interesting shapes.

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Why Da Nhay Beach is special ?

Under the Ly Hoa Pass, where is borders between the sea and mountain have a rock ground with a lot of big, small, low, high rocks. When waves thrust, rock looks like big frogs jumping on the waves, creating different rustling sound. Perhaps that is why Da Nhay was born to marked distinctions of this beach.

Da Nhay is an attracted tourism point, a clean and beautiful beach and there are much beauty spots with many interesting caves. Come to Da Nhay, the first impression is a flat beach, and clean water. Tourists can go sailing, hiking, hunting, walking in the poplar forest or bathing in a clean and peaceful beach, at the same time.

In recent years, many spacious hotels, restaurants, parking ...has built beside the seaside in order to visitors can swimming, relaxation, especially after hiking or visit the Phong Nha - Tien Son Cave, Deo Ngang, Dong Hoi City...

Da Nhay is not only the ideal tourist resort as beautiful beaches on the and of the mountain, the romantic clouds but also have more the underground corals which is the habitat of many kinds of seafood such as shrimp, fish, crab, squid, snails ... that can process the special seafood attracted tourist.

Both with Phong Nha - Ke Bang Natural World Heritage and many other tourism points of Quang Binh, Da Nhay will be the ideal place that bring to visitors a comfortable feeling of and many good impressions

Source: http://www.quangbinhtourism.vn/

What to explore at Da Nhay Beach?

In Vietnamese, Da Nha means "the rocks that jump". It refers to the topographical feature of this beach which sees thousands rock reaching the sea, surrounding small fine sand beaches suitable for seabathing.

This beach is a clean, white-sand beach with rocky mountains, stone pillars in various sizes and numerous particularly interesting shapes, such as toad, lying buffalo, kneeling tiger, and prostrating elephant etc.

Da Nhay Beach is more appealing with the Toad Well (giếng Cóc), which is a natural well covered with a large rock in toad shape. Water in the well is very limpid, clean, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The fishermen took the water as an offering in the temple to his Grace Nam Hai near the Toad Well.

With the spectacular scenery of Da Nhay, Thieu Tri King during his official visits to the north in 1842 stopped here to look through and to have a memorial stele erected.

If tourist in Vietnam travel, after discovering mysteries of Phong Nha - Ke Bang, don't miss Da Nhay Beach with many strange and attractive things.

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Thanh Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

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