D' Bone Collector Museum

Attraction San Pedro Ext. Bucana, Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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A Museum with Animal skeletons, and preserved animals form around the world. A Education center to learn about the life and death of these animals.

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Why D' Bone Collector Museum is special ?

A Museum with Animal skeletons, and preserved animals form around the world. A Education center to learn about the life and death of these animals.

Selling points

  • Amazing collection!”
  • Quite a surprise”
  • “Unique place in Davao”
  • “Always a pleasure”
  • “More than just a museum!”
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San Pedro Ext. Bucana, Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines

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Tips for you

  • For every bone you can see in the museum, there is a story behind it.
  • They also sell souvenirs of crocodile teeth and the like aside from t-shirts.
  • They have added a whole new wing dedicated to land animals in the second floor
  • They are currently redoing the Ocean section, which is located at the third floor.
  • If you have children, it is strongly recommended that you take them here.
  • Since the museum opened last year, more than 20,000 people have been to the place
  • -It’s a good place for people, especially children to learn about the importance of recycling and understand that their actions do impact the environment
  • The museum is in this 3-story building fronting Nograles Park. It’s a little hard to find.
  • The location is not ideal due to busy narrow streets, but once there, there is parking available.
  • On the second floor are the bones of terrestrial animals. All skeletons at the museum are from animals that died of natural causes.


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Very worthy place to visit... A place different from others.. Must visit if you are in Davao :) just 50 bucks for entrance. Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Snakes Horses.. all kind of animals are there :)

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Must See: 46-ft structured bone from a real sperm whale!

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A place that may be hard to find if you commute by jeepney, I suggest taking a cab. We arrived at the museum around 4PM, just enough time to explore the place. Interestingly, a guide will tour you around and we are lucky because at the time of visit, It was only me and my friend who was there, so we definitely had more chance to learn and ask questions from the guide. It will definitely provoke many things in your mind such as protecting the wildlife both in the land and the creatures of the sea who play a very vital role in our ecosystem. As an additional, below, there is also a skeleton of a real human being.

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It is an awesome museum. It is like a hole in the wall museum. You never thought that you will see a bone collection like what they have.

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A very non-traditional museum, but in a very good way. D' Bone Collector Museum is right in Davao City, and is a fun and informative way to spend a couple of hours. I received a guided tour, and I was thoroughly impressed by both the museum's collection and the knowledgeability of my tour guide (I'm pretty sure that he was the owner/operator). The museum is passionate about what they do, and about education. I was told that the museum only accepts specimens that died naturally, were accidentally killed (such as fishing bycatch), or had to be euthanized. I appreciated that fact, as it means that none of the specimens on display there died simply for the sake of putting them in the museum. The museum has specimens as large as a sperm whale, all the way down to the tiny tarsier that is native to parts of the Philippines. It was sad to hear how many of the sea creatures died due to ingesting garbage (usually plastic) or were killed by fishermen, but at least now their skeletons are helping to build awareness regarding these important issues.

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One of the the museums really worth visiting. The tour will really raise one's awareness regarding the impact of humanity’s action to our precious animals. I was really moved when I learned that many of the sea creatures which were featured in the museum died because of their ingestion of plastics.

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Must See: 46-ft structured bone from a real sperm whale!

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