Cong Duc - Don Cao

Attraction Nguyen Phuc District, Yên Bái, Viet Nam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Cong Duc – Don Cao relic of Yen Bai is located in the Northwest of old Yen Bai town, about 5 km away from Yen Bai provincial center.

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Why Cong Duc - Don Cao is special ?

Don Cao was built by French colonial on the hill 70m higher than sea level. From this point, you can have a great view of Yen Bai province. Also, The Thao river (called Red River) which is 2 km length is located in the west of this town.

According to historical records, relating to Yen Bai uprising in January 2/1930, there were two locations as Don Cao and Don Duoi. Currently, the rate population of Don Duoi is higher than it is in Don Cao. Cong Duc, which is situated at Don Cao, is a big bending dome built in 1893 with its width of 4m and length of 20 m. However, Cong Duc has been partly destroyed the bombing of U.S planes during the war.

What to explore at Cong Duc - Don Cao?

Don Cao has a strategic military location to the west of old Yen Bai. From this spot, you can observe the entire provincial center and Thao river. The French assigned one member of red clothed team named Luc, who was a Catholic follower, born in Nam Dinh, held this construction. This why this port is called Cong Duc. According to Yen Bai elderly recounts, there were two doors in this area. The main door was Cong Duc, this port crossed down into the the hill , connecting with underground tunnels. Front row of bending dome with floating figures " 1893 " . At the end of the underground tunnel it was a small door through to the land surfac , this gate currently has a bamboo barrier.

How to get to Cong Duc - Don Cao?

From the provincial center ( km5 ) along Dien Bien road through Cao Lanh steep going into Nguyen Thai Hoc avenue, to Yen Bai bridge turning right, going 1 km, turning right uphill to the water plant, about 100 meters to the relic. Currently in group 16 , Phuc Tan Street, Nguyen Phuc ward, Yen Bai city, Yen Bai province.

Selling points

  • A historical spot
  • Well worth a visit
  • The war witness
  • An icon of Yen Bai province
  • A place for history lovers
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Nguyen Phuc District, Yên Bái, Viet Nam

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