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Attraction Coc Ly Market, Sa Pa, Vietnam Published on: 04-03-2016

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Coc Ly Market is the colorful market in a mountainous area where the Flower H’mong mainly gathers to exchange their homemade products.

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Why Coc Ly market is special ?

Coc Ly Market is the colorful market in a mountainous area where the Flower H’mong mainly gathers to exchange their homemade products. This Tuesday market is about 35 km from Bac Ha. You can get here via a good road, or by road and river; hotels in Sapa and Bac Ha can organize trips. Cocly is a small village on the Chay River inhabited by the Flower H’mong Minority people. The Flower H’mong traditionally wears a distinctive and bright colored costume. They are a gentle, softly spoken people who live in the steep mountainous country close to the Chinese borde


What to explore at Coc Ly market?

The visitors coming there can

Certainly, what catches the eyes of visitors most are the different colors of the costumes worn by ethnic people and the handicrafts they sell at the market, about 50 kilometers from Lao Cai City in the northern province. You can see young and old Hmong women, wearing skirts and hats with different types of embroidered flowers, crowding the market during the opening hours of Coc Ly. Scarves, clothes, decorations and other items made of tho cam (ethnic fabric) on sale also add color to the bazaar by the Chay River.

The colorful items are put on sale not just for locals but also tourists, particularly foreigners. However, you should remember to bargain when you want to buy your favorites, and the items at the booths located at the start of the path you walk on always have higher prices. Keep walking toward the end of the traditionally ethnic market until you find a real bargain.

A good idea is to stroll every corner of the once-a-week bazaar as you listen to unexpected conversations, see nice surprises and learn how ethnic people sell and buy farm produce, life’s necessities and other things. After visiting the market, which is the most fresh and unspoiled market of the region, offering a wide range of different colorful ethnic minorities such as Flower C’mon, Black Dao, Tay , Fula, Lachi, Sandui and Nung….There will be an exciting boat cruise winding you through a breathtaking, out of this-world landscape where the mountain grow from water presenting their most hidden mysteries, including caves and tiny minority…A picnic lunch box can be prepared for your most convenience…...

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How to get to Coc Ly market?

From the center of Sapa, You have to spend 1 hours and 40 minutes to get to there by taxi or car. This is instruction. Going along Thach Son to QL4D
Go along Highway 70 to Highway 4D and TL 154 in BaoThang
Going along TL 154 to Coc Ly market in Bac Ha district.

Selling points

  • Out of the way market near Lao Cai
  • An ethnic market with special culture
  • Traditional and interesting spot
  • Great way to explore the culture
  • Amazing moments with locals
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Coc Ly Market, Sa Pa, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • You shouldn't point at the face of local people because it's a taboo.
  • You can buy some traditional clothes as souvenirs.
  • You need a shoes and jacket if you walk in the rainy day
    What to bring
  • The rice paddies are so beautiful to take picture
  • Along the road to go to the market, there are the rice paddies, it's recommended to take photo there.
  • Avoid the coffee stalls or at least ask for price before sitting down at the table, as we were badly ripped off there.
  • It's advised not to hire the scooters because the road there is not flag.
  • Don't come there in the winter because it’s rally humid.
  • Sometimes, It’s so noisy because of the animals and crowded people.
  • Be careful with some woman who try to force you to buy some stuff
  • There are some unique dishes that you should taste Cong sapa or barbecue follow sapa style
  • The best thing you should do is that you have to walk along the market.
    Things to do


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We went on a tour which included this market. It is a small rural market. The usual Sapa wares, weaving, embroidery some lacquerware and local foods. We enjoyed seeing the locals eating and interacting, tried some fried rice cakes which were delicious. Some of the ladies trying to sell goods were a bit pushy, but not overly so. Enjoyed the experience

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Marché typique avec differentes ethnies toutes habillées souvent de facon tres colorées. On y'trouve de tout : tapis fait mains, alimentation, restaurants.... Mais coeurs sensibles attention : petits chiens en cage pour la vente mais pas pour etre un animal domestique..... Possibilité de discuter avec les personnes vendant leurs produits cultivés oùfabriqués par eux, et souvent avec des éclats de rire communicatifs.

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This is much more a local's market rather than for the tourist trade (and that's a good thing). We happened to be in Sapa the one day of the week it was active so drove there with our guide. Its a bit of a drive but very interesting to see local live. In a sense, this little slice of land becomes a bustling downtown center of commerce once a week and then is relatively barren farmland the rest of the time. Everything is sold here from hats to water buffalos. Combine with the boat ride on the river and its a very interesting a nice da

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