Coban Rondo

Attraction Desa Pandesari, Kecamatan Pujon Pandesari Malang Jawa Timur 65391, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Coban Rondo waterfall is a beautiful waterfall on the slope of Mount Panderman resort that is about 32 km to the west from Malang.

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Why Coban Rondo is special ?

Coban Rondo waterfall is a beautiful water fall on the slope of Mount Panderman resort that is about 32 km to the west from Malang, it is very interesting to see and visit. The height of waterfall is about 60 meter. Visitor can find and enjoy beautiful panorama ore peaceful.

In ancient times there’s newly wed couple, The Groom are ‘Raden Baron Kusuma’ from Mt. Anjasmoro and The Bride ‘Dewi Anjarwati’ are from Mt. Kawi. After 36 days of their marriage Dewi anjarwati persuade her Husband to visit Anjasmoro mountain, but Dewi anjarwati’s parents forbid them to go because they are newly wed Brides. They insist to go with all of any risk will occur in their trip.

On the way they met with ‘Joko Lelono’. It seems that Joko Lelono is interested in Dewi anjarwati’s beauty, and then Joko Lelono are trying to take Dewi anjarwati from Raden Baron kusuma’s hand.

The fight is inevitable, before the fight begin, Raden Baron Kusuma ordered his army to take his wife to a place where there a waterfalls (In Java they called ‘Coban’). The fight between the two men took place exciting, because they have same powers both of them were killed in battle. With the death of Raden Baron kusuma then Dewi anjarwati becomes widow (In Java they called ‘Rondo’).

Since then the place where Dewi anjarwati has been taken known as Coban Rondo (Widow Waterfalls). It is said that there’s a large stone under the waterfalls is the seat of the princess.


What to explore at Coban Rondo?

Coban Rondo waterfall is one of the waterfalls are very popular among domestic tourists and foreign tourists. From a distance, you would hear the sound of the waterfall. The farther you walk in, the clearer it will be. In Coban Rondo you will not only see the waterfall but the beautiful scenery and the many green trees can be soothing your mind. There are also outbound facilities such as flyingfox , there are many great spots to take pictures and capture the moment over there. There are many shops that provide a wide variety of chips of fruits that can be taken home as a souvenirs but there also stores that provides trinkets Coban Rondo waterfall.


How to get to Coban Rondo?

For go to Coban Rondo from Batu Town is 12 km or ± 24 km from the city of Malang with a travel time of approximately 1 hour. If on the highway towards Batu – Pujon, Malang, after a slight uphill and winding road and sometimes sharp, a nameplate with large size will give you instructions to turn left out of the highway in order to find objects wana wisata Coban Rondo. From cow statue road trip proceed approximately four kilometers to get to Coban Rondo waterfall. At two kilometers before entering the area you will find sign that read “Welcome to Wana Wisata Coban Rondo”. Then the road continues to decline and jungle atmosphere increasingly felt. In a sloping, shacks traders and various types of vehicles lined. At the end of the terminal where visitors drive. Furthermore, with a slight incline across no less than two minutes came to the location of the waterfall. Upon arriving at the parking lot proceed to walk about 200 m to the location of the waterfall is located.


Selling points

  • Fresh water and fresh air
  • Wonderful place for recreation
  • Fresh air, good for families
  • Nice to enjoy its nature scenery
  • Cool and attractive place
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Desa Pandesari, Kecamatan Pujon Pandesari Malang Jawa Timur 65391, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • After you feel the cold breeze of the waterfall you can get the warmth of drink and food in the parking area. You’ll find lots of food and souvenirs vendors.
  • The best time to go to Coban Rondo waterfall is on weekdays in the morning, so you could have more time to enjoy it.
  • For those who first time visit the waterfall, you need to ask people for directions because it is difficult to turn back if you pass the turn.
    Things to do
  • You can go to the pool under the waterfall. The temperature is about 22 degrees Celsius and with a breeze it can be colder, so beware of this.
    Things to do
  • Bathrooms and changing rooms are available with the cold and clean water from the mountain.


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Fantastic view, another Indonesian holy grail. Fresh water and fresh air. This place is good for special occasions , good for families , good for gathering.

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