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Attraction 3 River Valley Road, Singapore, Singapore Published on: 13-11-2015

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Clarke Quay is a delightful mix of modern and traditional structure. A reminder of its rich heritage is reflected in the vibrantly orchestrated concept.

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Why Clarke Quay is special ?

Clarke Quay is a refurbished riverside development of old warehouses consisting of a colorful labyrinth of restaurants, theme bars, retail stores and recreation outlets.

Transformed into a vibrant and attractive destination, it is certainly a great nightlife location in Singapore for anyone who loves to hangout and have a drink at night.

The bars and restaurants have beautifully covered seats along the Singapore River and a good view of Marina Bay Sands.

Clarke Quay has its walkways covered by an interesting plastic jellyfish-looking roof in place to cool the customers moving between venues.


What to explore at Clarke Quay?

Set amidst a backdrop of old shophouses, you can savour the many delights of Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean and local cuisine. When the sun goes down, you don't have to look far to discover some of the city's trendiest nightspots. Find out about the different factory processes involved in pewter making at the Royal Selangor Process Demonstration Tour. Then drop by the adjoining store to shop for the latest pewter designs. A unique experience is the Royal Selangor's School of Hard Knocks course, where you will learn how to create your very own pewter dish. You'll even be presented with a certificate and your very own pewter masterpiece. Adrenaline seekers will want to try out G-Max Reverse Bungy - Singapore's first and only reverse bungy. Direct from New Zealand, the open-air capsule catapults you to a height of 60 meters at a staggering speed of 200km/hr. for an easier ride, hop onto a traditional trishaw and take in the spectacular views. Or cruise down the historic waterways in an authentic bumboat for a rare glimpse of old shophouses and godowns.

Selling points

  • Awesome atmosphere
  • Lively nightspot
  • Fun place to be at night!
  • A perfect place for weekends
  • A good option for evening or night walk
2 Days in Singapore

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3 River Valley Road, Singapore, Singapore

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Tips for you

  • Everything is quite expensive but the ambience is truly great.


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My wife and I spent two weekends in Singapore recently and on both occassions had dinner and drinks down near the river and entertainment areas, great for choice of venus and the safe relaxed atmosphere, lots to see and do whether actively involved or just watching the world walk past in a few hours. Ferry service and river boats coming and going every few minutes will take you all the way down river and out into the marina bay to see the skyline at night time which is quite spectacular. Visited May 2013

Loved my one night in Clarke Quay. It's very touristy feeling, but it's beautiful and a great community center. Flanked around a great little bay, there's river cruises available, and the boardwalk spreads out along the riverfront. There are nice restaurants, wine bars, clubs, and little shops and stands to grab your attention and your need for touristy gimmicks. There's also a giant people swing and catapult chair, for about $45 Singapore Dollars each person. My favorite parts were the great lights at the holidays, the central fountain with the changing lights and the tons of little kids having a ball running through, the lit up kites being flown over the bay with electric neon tails that look like they are climbing up into the sky, and the tons of people enjoying themselves and letting loose a little in the usually-rule-bound Singapore.

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This riverside quay is home to many bars, clubs, and restaurants, but the best way to see its beauty is by taking a bumboat ride. Also a must-try is the reverse bungee at G-Max Reverse Bungy.

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