China National Film Museum

Attraction 9 Nanying Road Chaoyang, Beijing China Published on: 02-08-2016

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China National Film Museum is designed for the Chinese film. It’s also a worth visiting attraction for tourists to learn about Chinese films industry.

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Why China National Film Museum is special ?

The China National Film Museum is currently the largest professional film museum in the world. The museum instructs about China’s film making history and its film industry. The museum explores the latest cinematic technology, promotes films, and hosts academic exchange seminars and research activities. In the musuem, there are 4,300 photographs and documents or video from 450 film industry pioneers. It was built in 2007 in part as a memorial to the 100 year history of film making in China, and the facilities are extensive.

The museum was designed by the American RTKL Company that is often ranked as the best architectural design firm in the world in 2011 and by the Beijing Architectural Design Institute. To give the building a feeling of elegance and calm, the main colors used are black, white and grey. The 9.4 acres of space contain exhibits instructing on the invention of movies, early Chinese films, Chinese revolutionary war films, modern films, artistic movies, children’s films, science and education films and the Hong Kong and Macao film industries.


What to explore at China National Film Museum?

The museum is divided into two parts: the exhibition zone and the cinema zone. In the exhibition zone, there are 20 exhibition halls in total.

The first ten halls are on the second and third floors and halls 11 to 20 are situated on the fourth floor. Visitors are recommended to first visit halls 1 to 10 and have a basic understanding of the Chinese film industry and then go to halls 11 to 20 to join in some interesting activities.

Hall themes are as follows:

Hall 1: The emergence of films

Hall 2: The emergence and early development of Chinese films

Hall 3: Chinese films produced during the revolutionary wars

Hall 4: The development of Chinese films from 1949 to 1978

Hall 5: Chinese films produced during the reform and opening period (from 1979 up to now)

Hall 6: Animation films

Hall 7: Films for children

Hall 8: Popular science films, dubbed films, and news documentaries

Hall 9: Hong Kong and Macau movies

Hall 10: Taiwan movies

Hall 11: Film shooting

Hall 12: Artistic designing

Hall 13: Special kinds of movies

Hall 14: Traditional special effects

Hall 15: Digital special effects

Hall 16: Sound recording

Hall 17: Film editing

Hall 18: Film developing and printing

Hall 19: Animation

Hall 20: Other kinds of movies

Apart from the exhibition zone, China National Film Museum comprises a grand cinema zone with state-of-the-art film projection technologies and apparatus. Visitors can watch the latest movies here and feel the charm of new technologies. The projection screen is around 69 feet (21 meters) high, as high as a seven-story building, ensuring that all the audience can view the whole screen and have a wonderful audio and visual experience.


How to get to China National Film Museum?

Address: 9 Nanying Road, Chaoyang District. 北京市朝阳区南影路9号. You can show the address to a taxi driver. The museum is about 18 kilometers or 10 miles northeast of Beijing’s city center. What makes transportation easy is that it is near the intersection of the Airport Expressway and the 5th Ring Road.

Bus: Take Bus No. 402路, 418路, 688路, or 973路.


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  • Very interesting place
  • Very good viewing experience
  • Movies watching for fee
  • Very good, especially film history
  • Great cinema
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9 Nanying Road Chaoyang, Beijing China

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Tips for you

  • They close on Monday
  • The ticket office closes at 15:30 and visitors cannot enter the museum after 16:00.
  • Tickets not issued after 3:30, and admission ends at 4 pm.
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  • Free admission but visitors need to go to the ticket office and get a ticket to enter the museum
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  • Go there early as 2,000 tickets are issued daily.
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This is a contemporary complex with a number of cinemas as well as the museum which is housed over four floors. It has about 20 different rooms which take you through a cinematic journey, historically and by genre, including replica sets, waxworks of famous stars, and technical apparatus. The building is modern and accessible and the central atrium has an ever-changing coloured light feature with a wide spiralling ramp going all the way to the upper floors. There are some interactive displays, mini-theatres with multiple projections, and for a price you can have yourself filmed against a green-screen with action sequences, e.g. driving, and get the DVD as a souvenir. I thought it was a really interesting museum that seems to have been influenced a lot by contemporary western museums. Clearly very informative and there were some school groups from different parts of the country visiting when we went. However, apart from title-plates, there is at present virtually no English translation on any of the exhibits. For the casual visitor I don't think this is so bad but for anyone with a more developed interest in film this might be quite frustrating. Photography is not permitted inside the main exhibits and they seem quite strict about that. I think this another of those newer places that has missed the commercial opportunity that a museum shop might provide - at least I didn't see one, other than a small stall near the ridiculously overpriced popcorn concession, but nothing of special interest related specifically to the museum itself. The museum is off the beaten track but quite close to the Railway Museum, with which we combined visits by private car. Getting there by taxi is probably not so bad but it is quite a walk to the main road to get the bus, presently 418 or 688 from Dongzhimen alighting at NanGaoXiangZhengFu. There were unlicensed hire-cars hanging around but not so many regular taxis in the vicinity of the museum. Also, be aware of anyone trying to sell tickets outside because entry is free.

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Director Tsui‘s special exhibition is worth to visit.

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