Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park

Attraction China Guangdong, Guangzhou, Panyu, 大石镇 105国道大石段593号 邮政编码: 511495 Published on: 18-09-2016

3 hours
11:00 AM - 06:00 PM
01:00 PM
04:00 PM
First-time visit
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44.24 USD

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Chimelong Safari Park is known as the best safari park in China. It’s also houses the a large number of marine species in the world.

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Why Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park is special ?

Chimelong Safari Park covers an area of more than 1,333,340 square meters. The park houses over 20,000 rare animals, and over 500 different species. These include 10 giant pandas, 23 koalas, more than 150 white tigers and many other endangered species. All the rare animals live in communities in which they can live and breed harmoniously. Chimelong Safari Park is the first park in China to introduce a self-drive tour. The self-drive tour allows guests to view the animals while driving their own car around the park. The self-driving area stretches nearly one million square meters in total. Chimelong Safari Park presents the world's most enchantingwhite tiger performance for guests, as well as three other famous animal performances.

What to explore at Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park?

Self-drive Scenic Spot Chimelong

Panda Center

Australian Park

Tiger Mountain

African Tribe

Performance by Fowl

Performance by White Tiger

Flower and Fruit Mountain Theater

Elephant Park

Amazon Rain Forest

Giraffe Square

Performance by Elephant

How to get to Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park?

Take Metro Line 3, Get off at Hangxi-Chinglong Metro Station, Exit A, you will see the Chimelong Bus Station . The shuttle bus is free to take you any place in Chimelong .In addition, there is a taxi rank and multiple public buses stopping at Chime-Long Paradise including buses 221, 512, 247, and 562.


Selling points

  • Best zoo! Must visit!
  • Great place for a day picnic
  • One of China's best zoos
  • Tigers...lots and lots of tigers
  • There is absolutely no reason not to go!
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China Guangdong, Guangzhou, Panyu, 大石镇 105国道大石段593号 邮政编码: 511495

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Tips for you

  • Should bring sun block and insect prevention cream
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  • People should bring long sleeves to avoid insect
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  • People should wear clothes being suitable for the reason and the place visiting
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  • Visitor should get there before sunset, at the time, it is quite cool.
  • The safari on wheels were closed already at 16.30, so get there earlier
  • Seasons in subtropical China vary widely, with extremely hot summers, people should visit during the fall
  • This park is very crowded, people should save one’s value things
  • People can visit other places of Chimelong Group
    Things nearby
  • People should avoid standing near the animals
  • For the other package ticket, tourist can use the ticket within two days; every park can enter once only
  • Each full ticket buyer can bring a child (shorter than 1.2 meters) without extra charge
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  • The price in the brackets "()" is valid during New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Day, National Day, and Jul.1-Aug.31
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If you are visiting GZ with young kids, this is a must visit. Was there betw 11-6pm and we didnt manage to finish everything! We saw the sheep shearer, sort of like the Australian Farm Show. The Elephant show was interesting esp.when an elephant did a chinese caligraphy to sold through auction on the spot for 1000rmb! The triplet panda definitely a major attraction for its super rare possibilities. Read somewhere that Chimelong housed over 20,000 species. Many restaurants at every area of the zoo. Recommend to sit at the Panda Panda area as you can actually see a live panda through the glass window at the dining area. Animals feeding was really fun too..we love feeding the elephant, giraffe and the sheep. All at extra costs about 20rmb each feed. My son is super excited the whole day..we were disappointed to find out the safari on wheels were closed already at 16.30, so get there earlier. The rides at the children playground were also closed. As recommended by others to go midwerk, it was a great advice. tuesday was great..not too many crowd, definitely will be back here again. Such a great experience, beyond expectation. Best zoo I have ever visited!

FourSquare View more

The park is very clean. There're lots to do and see! It does close early though, so you'll have to arrive early to ensure you'll have enough time to explore everything

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